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Date: November 26, 2012
Host: Lee Borden

The statistics are discouraging: a third or more of all marriages end in divorce. Individuals usually don't get married with the anticipation of ending the union. Divorce can be difficult, confusing and disheartening. Join family law attorney Lee Borden on November 26th, at 9 p.m. Eastern time (8 Central, 6 Pacific) for a discussion on divorce or other family law legal issues.

LEE BORDEN is a lawyer and divorce mediator who lives and works in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the webmaster of www.divorceinfo.com, the comprehensive Internet destination for people struggling with divorce. He graduated magna cum laude from both the University of Alabama and the University of Illinois. Lee is an Approved Consultant and Practitioner Member of the Academy of Family Mediators and is a practicing diversity trainer for the National Coalition Building Institute. He has taught several courses relating to divorce mediation, including "The Role of Financial Planning in Divorce" and "Legal Issues for Singles - Soup to Nuts." "I help people going through divorce," Borden says. "My primary concentration is helping people take control of their divorce by providing as much information as I can, using as many channels as I can. You need to know that I love my work."

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