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Date: December 10, 2012
Host: Lee Borden

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The statistics are discouraging: a third or more of all marriages end in divorce. Individuals usually don't get married with the anticipation of ending the union. Divorce can be difficult, confusing and disheartening. Join family law attorney Lee Borden on December 10th, at 9 p.m. Eastern time (8 Central, 6 Pacific) for a discussion on divorce or other family law legal issues.

I help people who are going through divorce. I'm a lawyer and divorce mediator, living and working in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m proud to be the webmaster of www.divorceinfo.com, the comprehensive Internet destination for people struggling with divorce. I LOVE my work.

Divorce sucks. There’s just no way around that. What I work to do (and I’m proud to say what Prairielaw.com works to do) is to figure out ways for people to help other people get through the crud of divorce and move on with their lives.

My primary concentration is helping people take control of their divorce by providing as much information as I can, using as many channels as I can. In the process, I’m always learning something new. You can find out all you want to know about me, my family, my mission, and what makes me tick, at http://www.divorceinfo.com/whosincharge.htm.

Live Chat Transcript

Lynn Anderson: "Local parties residing w/in 150 miles of each other the secdary res parent shall pk up child for visit an prim shall pk up after. a party moves an thereby causes increase of more than 30 miles driving distce betwn the 2 parents shall bear respon for transportation absent court intervent. Am I responsible to tk son home since i moved 40.1 total miles away from ex? Im secondry parent he says Im to pick up an bring home now. Im only 40.1 total miles from me to him."

ticklel: "trying to find out if i had been begrudged my right under the retirement divorced act , at the time of my husbands death I had a minor child in which i received benefits but was told i did not qualify to receive survivor benefits because i was divorced. My understanding is if you were married 10 years in which we were, you are entitled to receive SS benefits. I guess i trying to find out why i did not receive them while minor child was being raised and if i qualify to receive them at my retirement years . Should i seek legal help to file a appeal to exercise my rights?"

godblessing: "Hello I'm ...Gigi Nowlin Twine ...my husband left me back n may...he's now has abandon me wen I had a job it wasn't to bad now I'm out of work I ask him for help..he said he wood but his girl friend and his family ...he's n. NORFOLK VA.MY NUMBER...9734607027..I WANT TO KNOW WAT I CAN DO PLZ HE ME ...."

Ramona12: "I have a order of protection that the court put on my boyfriend of five years we had a fight and next door people called the police. He is now in jail doing 45 days and court put three years order on us . I was woundering how could I get it off. We would love to be together we have things together and we do need to talk about aomethings. Please help"

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