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Date: November 8, 2012
Host: Sharon M, Siegel

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Whether you're trying to figure out if you need a "power of attorney," or have suddenly found yourself the executor of your uncle's estate, it's hard to keep up with the legal jargon of managing your assets and processing a will. Bring your questions to a live chat with estate planning and probate lawyer Sharon M. Siegel, starting at 10 p.m. Eastern (9 Central, 7 Pacific) on November 8th.

SHARON SIEGEL, a New York lawyer, practices in the fields of estate planning and administration, contested estate and trust proceedings, elder law and guardianships. She also has significant experience in real estate and corporate law. Sharon graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law of Yeshiva University. Sharon says of having handling large and small estates and having planned for and worked with individuals of substantial and modest means, "Representing such a wide spectrum of individuals has trained me to look at situations from almost every angle - legally, tax wise, and practically." Sharon says that because her practice area touches on the most emotional and private facets of someone's life, she considers developing a relationship with her clients central to her practice. Sharon is admitted to practice in New York State.

Live Chat Transcript

Adaly07: "This ia a queston about texas laws regarding wills and estates, My father is in a a houston hospital, I have tried several times to go see him only to be denied, My dad has cut off all ties with all of his family and speaks to no one, the dr. and nurses didnt even know he had children, My sister who is the middle is on her way to texas right now to try and find out about the will and how she can get put inc harge of his property should he pass away, She did this when my mom died to and sol doff all my moms possesions before th funeral leaving the rest of us with nothing and her witht the money, Not that i care about the monet, just some sentimental items from my childhood, So i found out by accident that my dad actually made me the executor of his will(?) im kind of shocked . Can my sister go to texas and have the right to sell off or take anything she wants if she is only listed as a person in the will, I hate to sound so greedy but shes on her way as i write this to start cleaning out his house and go through his paperwork. I wouldnt even know where to start or what to do if he passes but the nurses did say he wont make it through the weekend, can my sister be stopped or is there nothing we can do? what if there was no will,,,,is she still able to do this leaving all of us without options? im just trying to be realiztic about all this for the siblings who hae no say or knowledge of whats going on, thank you"

RNWason: "My ex husband was ordered to pay 838 a month plus 50 for the arear payments from December 2011 to present time. He currently owes 10,141.56. He no longer works but recieves 500$ in va compensation. What steps can I take to either press charges or receive payments."

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