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Date: October 22, 2012
Host: Tom Pedreira

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Whether you're picking your way through the complicated process of buying or selling property, or concerned about whether the lease you're about to sign really protects your interests, bring your questions to real estate and landlord/tenant attorney Tom Pedreira for a live chat on October 22nd, beginning at 2 PM Eastern (1 PM Central, 11 AM Pacific).


I have been a lawyer for 20+ years.

My business law practice currently focuses on business, real estate, health care and corporate matters. I am licensed in California, Washington and the District of Columbia.

I spent the first 17 years of my career in Fresno, California before relocating to the Seattle area in 2000 to join, which was a Web site designed to help consumers and businesses alike with their legal problems.

Prairielaw was acquired the following year by Following the acquisition, I worked part-time for for the next year and a half before returning to the full-time practice of law.

I am a partner at the law firm of Lybeck Murphy, LLP (, Mercer Island, Washington.

I work with businesses on transactional, corporate and real estate matters, as well as a broad array of other legal issues. Ongoing representation further includes working on legal strategies for new business opportunities and continued legal compliance for existing operations. I do everything I can to keep my clients out of court, but when the inevitable happens I get involved in litigation matters, too. I also advise clients on transition and succession issues.

Having spent many years in one of most productive agricultural area of the world, I have represented, and continue to represent, many clients on agribusiness matter.

I have also represented physicians and other health care providers on legal matters covering the entire spectrum of their practices (e.g., formation of medical groups and provider panels, licensure issues, medical board accusations, managed care arrangements, regulatory matters, medical staff problems, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, defending against malpractice and sexual harassment actions, HIPAA matters, conflicts of interest, and fraud and abuse claims). Likewise, I have represented and worked with health care facilities (e.g., hospitals, hospices, surgery centers), managed organizations (e.g., HMO's, IPA's, PPO's, MSO's), non-profit entities (e.g., health consortia, medical societies, medical care foundations) and medical staffs.

I grew up in Merced, California, which is now home to the newest campus of the University of California.

I received my undergraduate degree from Stanford University and graduated from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. I continue to live in the Seattle area with my wife and three children.

Live Chat Transcript

cdragon: "Today I received a letter stating that my landlord has not paid the outstanding expenses due for the apartment and that I am now required by law to stop paying him for rent and send my rent directly to this debt collector. They cite a copy of MGA Chapter 183A Section6 stating that it is now illegal for me to send any money to him and that I need to send it directly to the Condominium Trust and also that any action he takes against me as a result of this law is illegal. Also if I pay him anything until notified by the firm or a court of law that I do otherwise, I will be liable to pay the same amount a second time to the condominium trust. I called the landlord, who claims that it's just scare tactics because the condominium tried to charge him for some repair and he refused to pay it so now they're trying to send in debt collectors. They can't prove if I pay him, he will have his lawyer call me to reassure me that it's fine to keep paying him. I'm going to have two parties, one telling me it's illegal to pay my landlord, the other saying I should ignore them and pay the landlord, I don't know what to do, I don't want to get caught up in the middle of some legal affair, I don't want to pay them and have my landlord make my life miserable and I don't want to pay him and then suddenly have debt collectors coming after me or filing criminal injunctions or god knows what, I really don't know what to do."

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