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Date: October 8, 2012
Host: Lee Borden

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The statistics are discouraging: a third or more of all marriages end in divorce. Individuals usually don't get married with the anticipation of ending the union. Divorce can be difficult, confusing and disheartening. Join family law attorney Lee Borden on October 8th, at 9 p.m. Eastern time (8 Central, 6 Pacific) for a discussion on divorce or other family law legal issues.

I help people who are going through divorce. I'm a lawyer and divorce mediator, living and working in Birmingham, Alabama. I’m proud to be the webmaster of, the comprehensive Internet destination for people struggling with divorce. I LOVE my work.

Divorce sucks. There’s just no way around that. What I work to do (and I’m proud to say what works to do) is to figure out ways for people to help other people get through the crud of divorce and move on with their lives.

My primary concentration is helping people take control of their divorce by providing as much information as I can, using as many channels as I can. In the process, I’m always learning something new. You can find out all you want to know about me, my family, my mission, and what makes me tick, at

Live Chat Transcript


Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "Hi, Lee!"

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "There's only one prepost. Ready?"

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "Tanzina: I want to withdraw my divorce paper. Now what do I do?"

Lee Borden: "Ready!"

Lee Borden: "Assuming you and your spouse are cooperative, all you need to do is to file a motion to dismiss your divorce petition on the grounds that you and your spouse have reconciled."

Lee Borden: "I don't know of any judge who would be delighted to sign such an order."

Lee Borden: "On the other hand, if you and your spouse are not cooperative, there could be any number of reasons why you would want to dismiss your divorce petition, and the procedure to follow would differ with each reason."

Lee Borden: "Therefore, I think I will stop there."

Lee Borden: "Okay, Angie?"

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "That's it! Except I think you meant to say, "I don't know of any judge who would not be delighted to sign such an order." :-)"

Lee Borden: "Oh my goodness! You're absolutely right. Would you be kind enough to fix that?"

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "I don't think I can. We'll hope she reads all our comments."

Lee Borden: "Okay."

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "That's all we have."

Lee Borden: "Okay. I'll stand by."

Lee Borden: "Good night Angie!"

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "Our next Family Law chat will be on Monday, 10/22, 9PM ET. I would encourage everyone to use our consumer message boards for additional info and feedback."

Angie, Community Moderator (Admin): "And if you need an attorney, please use the Find a Lawyer directory at"

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