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Date: October 25, 2005
Host: Gordon Reiselt

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Negotiating the federal workers' compensation maze is one of the last things that most federal employees expect to participate in. The maze offers plenty of challenges, not the least of which is recovering from the injury. Where do you turn, what should you do? Submit your questions to attorneys Gordon Reiselt during the event. The one-hour chat begins at 9 PM ET on October 25th.

GORDON REISELT has been in private practice since 1974 and has been representing federal injured workers for approximately 10 years before the U.S. Department of Labor. Gordon is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's Degree and a graduate of the Duquense University School of Law. He is a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association, the New Mexico and Pennsylvania Bar Associations, the New Mexico Trial Lawyers Association, the Allegany, Philadelphia, and the Albuquerque Bar Association.

Currently, Gordon's primary interest and concentration in the practice of law includes representation of Federal injured workers under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act and the Longshore Workers' Harbor Relief Act.

"I enjoy representing Federal injured workers because our legal system has created a void in representation for this particular group that needs to be filled," Gordon said. "The most important thing that I do in my job is to give solid advice to workers who are often in an injured and confused state."

Live Chat Transcript

Gordon Reiselt: "So sorry to be late. Do ytou have a question?"

Gordon Reiselt: "Euel? Are you there?"

euel: "to gordon my question is already on the chat area do you want me to resubmit"

Gordon Reiselt: "If you can. I can't look at the Board at this time. Thanks."

Gordon Reiselt: "while I was out on comp my employer had me get an examination by a doctor that comp picked. He decided that I was fit for full duty, I went back to work and within the next few days I saw me sirgeon and he wrote a note to the company that I was unable to use my right arm and also scheduled surgery to correct the problem. I gave this note to my employer and they said that they had no light duty availible and they would put me back out on comp. Since there doctor and my doctor have conflicting opinions and my employer choose to put me back on comp does comp have the right to deny me this claim and also the operation or do they have to abide my employers decision.""

Gordon Reiselt: "Euel, is this the question?"

euel: "yes"

Gordon Reiselt: "Ok, who is your employer?"

euel: "KPSI"

Gordon Reiselt: "Are you a federal employee?"

euel: "NO, I work in a shipyard that is covered by longshoremans comp"

Gordon Reiselt: "Are you receiving compensation now?"

euel: "that is my question, my employer put me in for it. does that mean that comp has to give it to me."

Gordon Reiselt: "That would be up to the insurance carrier. They are the one that pays. If they deny compensation, you will have to request an informal hearing with the claims examiner from DOL."

euel: "will the carrier inform me in writing or do i have to call them"

Gordon Reiselt: "You should call your claims examiner at DOL and find out whether the carrier has denied compensation. Do you know who that is?"

euel: "no i do not no"

Gordon Reiselt: "Where do you live?"

euel: "phila,pa"

Gordon Reiselt: "Well, I do know that the judges are in Camden, NJ. You can call their office and find out how to get in touch with the CE."

euel: "do you think it is time for me to get a lawyer"

Gordon Reiselt: "Look in the phone book under US Government and then for the United States Department of Labor, Office of the Administrative Law Judges in Camden."

Gordon Reiselt: "It certainly would not hurt to find a lawyer. The insurance company pays."

euel: "thank you for your help"

Gordon Reiselt: "You are welcomed"

Gordon Reiselt: "Any other questions?"

euel: "why would the insurance co pay for it if they are the ones that i disagree with"

Gordon Reiselt: "Because that is the law-the insurance company pays the lawyers fees if you win."

euel: "if i retain a lawyer do they work on a percentage or by the hour or do i make my own deal with them"

Gordon Reiselt: "They need to abide by the law. They can't charge you if they take your case.They must deal with DOL and the insurance company. Mkae sure that you tell them that this is a longshore case."

Gordon Reiselt: "You should be able to find a lawyer in Philley."

Gordon Reiselt: "OK, IG, do you have any questions?"

Gordon Reiselt: "IG, I have to go ay the top of the hour."

Gordon Reiselt: "If I don't get to your ?, will you please cut and paste it onto the board? I will answer it there."

Gordon Reiselt: "I ma sorry, but I have to go. I look forward to seeing your question. Good night."

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