Two Week Eviction Notice, but no lease agreement

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  • Wed, May 12 2010 7:38 PM

    Two Week Eviction Notice, but no lease agreement

    Well I'm back with a new one.  Its a pretty specific circumstance so I'm not expecting much but here goes:

    Quick background points:

    1. I moved in my current residence (a house, in central Texas) a few years ago to look after to take care of my grandmother of declining health and mental capacity who passed away recently.

    2. The estate and assets were willed to me, however my mother got sneaky and had the house signed over behind my back.  Already pretty sure there's nothing I can do about this since the will conveniently disappeared for one, among other things.

    3. With no prior warning, I received a hand written notice (nothing formal or official) via certified mail today basically requesting me out within a little better than two weeks from today.

    4. There was never any lease agreement or anything of that nature.  

    5. I paid for utilities, replacing appliances, and general upkeep on the house and property. Adding this bit in case it entitles me to rights as a tenant as I can prove I have been established at my current residence for quite some time and paid upkeep.

    My stance is basically that I want to go ahead and get out, let have her way and just to disassociate myself from her for good, not the first stunt she's pulled anyhow after all, and I'd rather not let her under my skin, but the reason I'm even here is that two weeks is pretty short notice and I've got a whole lot of stuff to move as well as my whole metal and leather shop and I plan to setup several states away... Not a quick setup, or cheap either most likely. So if I can buy some time it would be rather convenient.  

    So I'm wondering if my circumstance would allow me to demand a 30 day notice.
    Or if I'm just lucky to even have the time I've got. Like maybe instead of being required to give me more time, she could declare me as a trespasser since there is no lease agreement, wouldn't surprise me if she did.

    Welp, such is life, I've got some packing to do in any case. 

    Cheers and thanks in advance

  • Thu, May 13 2010 9:21 AM In reply to

    Re: Two Week Eviction Notice, but no lease agreement

    In the absence of a lease, there may be a state statute that specifies how much notice is required.  A local attorney should be able to tell you.

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