Does Soc Sec owe me Money?

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    Does Soc Sec owe me Money?

    I am seeking guidance in respect to three issues:

    1)     Unpaid Social Security Benefits.

    I received SSD off and on for nearly twenty years.  I have exhausted, at least three trial work attempt periods.  I attempt to work simply because I am unable to survive and feed my family on SSD.  My most recent work attempt was rather lengthy compared to past attempts.  I worked from 12/2005 to 11/2008.  I met with a SSD representative in July 2009. The Representative reviewed my case and concluded that I was due money from December 2008. Initially, I received provisional payments, starting in August 2009.  I was later removed from provisional status to continuing disability before the six month expiration period.  I have never received money for the period December 2008 to June 2009.  I have been screwed by Social Security before, and I would not like relive another experience.  Am I due money for that period?


    Thanks, any guidance or insight into this matter would be tremendously appreciated!



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