Non payment of medical bills.

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    Non payment of medical bills.

    I have been divorced for over 16 years. In the final paperwork my ex was ordered to cover her  for all medical insurance and pay what was left over from the insurance. I gave the clinics and hospitals coppies of the order. I also made sure she went to different hospital and clinic than my new family and I did so there would be no mixup in the billing and he didn't get any information he wasn't supposed to.I even had them send all the paperwork to him. I never saw anything.

    Several years ago when she was about 15 years old she had  had an ultrasound and we found out it was female issues. The child is almost 21 now . I had dealt with a collection agence years ago giving them his address and phone number. I thought the problem was taken care of because I had never heard from them again.

    Just recently on my credit report I found there was something from the collection agence on there.Called them and still the same old garbage, he never paid the bill and was sending the letters back to the collection agency unopened.He recently sent one back again,and I can't get it because the collection agence destroys everything they get back unopened,but it is in their notes which I CAN'T GET A COPY OF EITHER!

    This really ticks me off. I was told by the collection agency that "THEY DON'T CARE WHO THE RESPONSIBLE PARENT IS ACCORDING TO COURT ORDERS!!! The child was both of ours so no matter what I get nailed for it also."Don't get me wrong ,some of the people I have dealt with were very nice and understanding and agree with me on this,but that is the "company rule, THAT IT DOESN'T MATTER ,THEY DON'T CARE!!!".The bill started at about  $600.00 and is now over $1000.00 and growing.

    I live about 160 miles from where my divorce was filed  so it's not easy for me to get there to file paperwork.I don't know any good lawyers there anymore.The few people I have asked to look for some for me haven't gotten back to me.

    I only recieved $150.00 a month in child support giving him plenty of extra to pay bills seeing as he lives (yes, still) in his parents basement and works for a company that has the same name as the town.A big company, you would know it if you heard it,they do T.V. commercials for some of their products.

    Anyone know any really mean lawyers in Manitowoc County Wi??

    Thank you for letting me vent here and Thank you to anyone who can help.


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    Re: Non payment of medical bills.

    Your divorce decree isn't binding on third parties.  That is, the medical facility can pursue whichever parent sought the medical care, and can normally pursue BOTH parents if the medical care is a necessity, which most medical care will be.  If you have to pay a third party debt that he owes as between the two of you, then you can sue him.

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