How long to process scheduled award?

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  • Sat, Oct 25 2008 4:38 PM

    How long to process scheduled award?

    I submitted my Ca-7 for my scheduled award in May. My doctor's paperwork with the rating didn't get in to DOL until the end of June. Here is is, almost November, and I haven't heard anything. Four solid months have gone by since they got the paperwork from my doctor and my CA-7.

    I called DOL and the person I spoke to said the claims examiner hasn't touched it so it hasn't even been sent by the claims examiner to the medical review.

    Is it normal for it to take 5-6 months, even much longer for the rating to be reviewed? Is there nothing I can do about it? I call but the CE never calls back. I write, but the CE never writes back. Should I stop waiting and give it a few more months before pursuing further? Info from anybody who has been through this is helpful - thanks !
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    Sad [:(] re: How long to process scheduled award?

    Yep. 9 to 15 months seems to be the norm in the SF office.
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    re: How long to process scheduled award?

    wow - so even though my injury happened three years ago now.... and I have been at MMI since January..... and the CA-7 filed since May..... it could be next summer before I get the scheduled award. I know better than to ask if they pay interest on the delay of payment. So I guess there is no incentive for them to hurry.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: How long to process scheduled award?

    I've just received my second schedule award this year for both of my shoulders. Each time i submitted for an award i wrote to my congressman a couple of weeks afterwards and surprise!! I received my schedule award within a few weeks after contacting my congressman. Give it a try.
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