Vet injured my dog

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    Vet injured my dog

    I need to know if I can sue a veternarian for injurying my pet. Heres the story. My chihuahua was vomitting bile last Thursday and they vet said to bring him in. They tried to take his temp and he wasnt happy so they wanted to muzzle him. They muzzled him first with gauze and then a real muzzle (i think the gauze caused the problem) Then they took him for xrays and blood tests. They brought him back to me and I notcied he was trying to swipe his nose over and over again. I firgured he was stressed from the visit. They said they saw nothing on the exrays and his blood was fine. They gave me a prescription called Reglan(more to that) and I left. I got to work and my boys left eye was swollen 4x the normal size. I was in a panic. I got back to the vet and he said yes he did it from muzzling but he said it was the dogs fault !! ARe you serious. He said he needed a shot and I said dont you dare muzzle him and I will hold him. I cant believe he was afraid of a 9 pound dog! He gave him the shot , argued with me and I stormed out. I took my boy to another vet the next day bcause I didnt believe him. SHe looked at his eyes, checked his blood for elevated liver counts and even clipped his nails and he gave them no problems. SHe said I would return for his eye to be checked the next week and we could go from there. She also gave me two presciptions one to replace the original one Reglan and eye drops for BOTH eyes as blood vessels were broken in both along with swelling in the left. He also showed bruising on his neck which she could not confirmed if it was from blood being drawn or the muzzle incident. The tech bought him back to me and said I dont know what was wrong with those other people he gave me no problems and needed not to be muzzled. I asked her to wrap him in a towel and she obliged (a trick I learned from a groomer) SO, the original medicine given by the first idiot was reglan. Get this, there are mass law suits for humans given reglan ! The new vet said not one of the six vets at her office likes to prescribe it because its an old school medicine and there are better medicines now. Unbelievable.

    So, I would like to sue the first vet  at least for the fees paid  to both vets. IS this possible ? Obvioulsy I think my boy deserves more but mainly I would just like something legal against this man. SO people know how horrible they are.

    Thank you for yoiur time to read this and reply.

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    Re: Vet injured my dog

    "IS this possible ? "

    Anyone can file suit the bigger question is would you win?  Probably not.  First your dog was not permanently injured.  Without permanent injuries there is no case.  Second:  the law views animals as property regardless of how attached emotionally their owners are.  

    "Get this, there are mass law suits for humans given reglan !"

    Has no bearing on your situation because you are talking about it being prescribed for a dog and the dog wasn't harmed by the drug.

    "The new vet said not one of the six vets at her office likes to prescribe it because its an old school medicine"

    That doesn't make it malpractice because other vets do use it.

    "I cant believe he was afraid of a 9 pound dog!"

    If your dog was not feeling well or in pain when the first vet saw him then that could explain the need for a muzzle then but not at the second vet when he was already doing better.  A dog that is ill or in pain has a tendency to bite. Even though that particular breed is small their bite is quite severe.  

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