False positive on drug test

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    False positive on drug test

    My husband received a false positive on a drug test for his CDL. He is on a prescription medication that is known to cause a false positive but because it's not in the DOT handbook he has to suffer the consiquences, including getting his license suspended. Not one person at the testing facility asked him if he was taking any medication & when the man called to give him his result my husband told him he was on prescription medication & the man said I don't care. My husbands employer is behind him 100% & is paying for everything invloved because my husband has had a clean record for over 20 years and doesn't do drugs. His employer took my husband for a random drug & blood test, so they could prove his innocence, after the false positive & both tests came back negative. My husband has to go see a psychotheripist & another evaluator resulting in 6 visits, and lost time from work, before he can get his license unsuspended, due to DOT regulations. This whole deal is a bunch of crap. Is there anything we can do to get his license reinstated sooner? This is devistating to us because my husband has a respectible reputation in the industry he works in and has never had a positive drug result in over 20 years. At this point we are so angry we just don't know what to do.

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    Re: False positive on drug test

    "Is there anything we can do to get his license reinstated sooner?"

    Probably not.  The DMV and DOT has very strict regulations for CDL licenses.  Be extremely grateful that your husband's employer is standing behind him.  They could have legally terminated him based on the false positive.  

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