third party contact

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    third party contact

     I have a restraining order and am going for an extension my question is he goes to my brother to get information from him about me what i am saying or doing is this third party contact

  • Thu, Aug 5 2010 12:38 AM In reply to

    Re: third party contact

    is this third party contact

    I suppose so.

    Is your brother listed on the restraining order as someone the restrained party is not to contact?


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    Re: third party contact

    It's according to the specific wording on the protection order.  While the "third parties" don't have to be named ( and are not parties to the restraining order)- has your brother told him to stop contacting him and he continues?

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    Re: third party contact

    Usually, no.  Third party contact normally means the person who is restrained (him) contacts a middle man to contact the protected party (you), to harass you, pass messages, ask to obtain property, whatever.

    If he is just getting information from your brother, your normal remedy is to cut your brother off.

    The specific language of the order can be important, but the normal issue is contacts with YOU, not with your brother.

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