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Called back to work? and unemployment

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Latest post Mon, Sep 6 2010 5:21 PM by adjuster jack. 3 replies.
  • Sun, Sep 5 2010 9:14 PM

    Called back to work? and unemployment

    Hi, I am a non-tenured teacher in NJ that was laid off (RIF-reduction in force) at the end of this past school year.(June 2010).  I have been collecting unemployment all summer.  Now that the Federal government has passed a bill that is giving NJ schools money to bring back teachers there is a chance that I will be called back to work.  That being will not be to my exact grade or job most likely.  If I am called back, do I have to go back?  If I say no, will I lose my rights to continue to collect unemployment?  Or will I stand to lose it up to 6 wks for turning down a "suitable job"?  Or do I lose it entirely because they are the ones that laid me off in the first place and then called me back.


    I can't seem to find clear cut answers anywhere on this matter.

  • Sun, Sep 5 2010 9:26 PM In reply to

    • Drew
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    Re: Called back to work? and unemployment

    Basically speaking if you are called back (or even offered work elsewhere) and you turn it down you just blew it and won't get further UC. (Or if you are not actively seeking work you can also blow it -or if you are unavailable)

    States vary--but if its even close you need to accept or lose UC...for that matter they could offer you a nonteaching job on night shift at say 80% of your prior pay and if you said no I'd give odds you'd lose UC. 

    With the convoluted way pensions and tenure work in many states--I'd go back if it was 80% and a night slot teaching juvy hall release students --unless I had a lot better job on platter. Tenure become akin to an economic property right and I think NJ pension rules are about as liberal as they get!


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    • LynnM
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    Re: Called back to work? and unemployment

    If you turn down reasonable work, expect to lose your benefits.

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    Re: Called back to work? and unemployment

    The clear answer is this:

    Take whatever you are offered. Whatever you make is likely to be more than UC even if it's less than you were making before.

    Then you can be looking for a job while you have a job.

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