Restoring My Gun Rights

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    Restoring My Gun Rights

    I had a feloney conviction in California. I completed my sentense and probation. No Jail time or No State prision. Just probation. Conviction for grand theft.

    My attorney was able to get me a 1203.4. The felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. Then it was expunged.

    I was wondering If I am able to restore my gun rights in Calfornia. What process must I go through to restore my gun rights







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    Re: Restoring My Gun Rights

    I don't think lost your gun rights in the first place:

    • The expungment has nothing to do with it -- relief under Penal Code section 1203.4 does not restore gun rights. However, when a felony is reduced to a misdemeanor it becomes a misdemeanor for all purposes. Since a theft conviction does not have any effect upon gun rights of which I am aware, you should now be able to legally possess a firearm. There is a form available on the California Attorney General's website where you can verify that you are legally permitted to own a firearm. You should check that, but I am reasonably confident that this conviction will not disqualify you from future possession of a firearm.
    The above was posted by a criminal defense attorney (about half way down the page) at the following link: I think the following form is the one referred to:
    • The right of the people 
    • to keep and bear arms,
    • shall not be infringed.
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