Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

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    Question [=?] Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

    I've been married 20 years. Husband filed for divorce 16 months ago. We tried to settle this but his offer of 1000 a month for one year was a joke. He is the president of a bank and makes or should i say made around 100k to 120k yearly, including bonuses until he decided to quit or turned in his resignation before being fired. I have not worked in 20 years. Stay at home mom. Now he thinks he doesn't have to pay any alimony because he doesn't have a job. His parents are loaded. Probably millions. They bought him a house, paid cash and paying his bills. I'm left with a large house note and no way to pay the bills. He was paying the bills until now and says i am getting no more support from him. Is he going to get away with this or will the court order him to support me? I do have an attorney but he has not been all that great.
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    He does not have to pay anything until a judge tells him to. Itis unlikely he will not be ordered to pay some sort of support.
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    re: Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

    Hope you have a good attorney.....

    Generally the courts do not look favorably at folks to quit jobs to avoid alimony or chid support--and could impute an earnings ability. But but

    That his parents are loaded isn't the case at court..

    But there is a good chance that hubby is going to posture his departure as "involuntary" and you are going to have some serious digging to do to be able to show otherwise. And bottom line if his basic income is zip then zip is his income!

    I know of a well earning attorney who sort of trashed his practice so as to avoid paying his STBX--it worked. (He had hidden source of assured future income which wife was unable to properly posture to court--so he sort of won....)

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    Feedback [*=*] re: Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

    on another note, hopefully you are trying to gain some sort of employment. You need some money coming in. You can also ask that the courts award you legal fees. If you are not satisfied with your attorney then find another one.

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    re: Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

    I could go on for ever about what this man has done wrong to us in the past 3 years, but I didn't come to this message board to vent, I was just looking for some advise and tips on my situation and am very grateful for all the people who are willing to help. I am in way to deep to change attorneys. I'm praying he comes through for us. My heath is not been good for the last few years. Probably stress related. I have been doing small things for income. I realize that working is inevitable for me, but just hate to think this tool is going to skate off with no obligation to his family after 20 years of marriage. Can't the judge order him to look for work and take a job doing something? He is totally trying to manipulate the system and I hope the Judge doesn't buy in to this. Yes, I expect him to pay for this. I just want what I rightly deserve. Isn't that why we have Law? Alimony? Thanks in advance.
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    re: Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

    What you think you deserve may not be what the law requires him to pay.

    The court can impute an income to him based on the job he quit and can order support payments based on that amount.
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    re: Husband quit a well paying job to avoid alimoney

    It is doubtful he can do this, and not have to pay anything at all.

    I know, about 2 months prior to my final day in court, for divorce, I lost my job. My lawyer told me I needed to hurry up and find a job as quickly as possible. He didn't even want to show up in court without me being employed once again.

    At the time, I really wondered if I'd ever get the divorce over with.

    I think your x is probably only hurting himself on this. If he's unemployed, the judge could possibly order him an amount to pay based on his past salary history.

    I was making $140k per year before losing that job. I took another job at $80k. The $80k is what they used to plug in the formula for child support.

    My lawyer warned me that I couldn't just go out and run the register at the supermarket or something. I had to find a job that reflected my past earning potential. My x's lawyer contested it, saying I could make more money. At the very same time though, they told the judge I was on drugs/alcohol, and was mentally unstable. My x wanted me to have supervised visitation with my daughters (once per month) and she demanded I give up all my parental rights.

    The judge basically told her if I really am as bad as she said, how could she then think I could make more money, or hold down a job at all? She was told to pick one or the other. She picked I could make more money, and quickly lost

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