Bed Bug Issue

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    Bed Bug Issue

    I have battled a serious bed bug problem for six months which has cost me thousands of dollars and extreme distress. The bites have literally scared my body and I am extremely self conscience and horrified.  I never had a problem with them in my life and I haven't travelled in several years which is how I understand a person picks them up. The only thing that makes any sense as to how I could have possibly have gotten these is through my neighbor. We live in adjacent townhome units and share a common wall between our master bedrooms. There is absolutely no firewall or insulation and when I had a professional come in with a detector, the bugs all seemed to be concentrated in the wall sockets on that common wall. This is how I've learned they travel from one unit to the next, through sockets and wiring.

    My neighbor travels frequently for her work so she is the most likely culprit as far as having the opportunity to pick them up. All of a sudden out of the blue, she literally moves out without any warning, leaving her unit without a seller or renter. I started noticing bites on my body about a month after she moved out and after doing some research learned that if an adjacent neighbor has bed bugs and moves, the bugs go looking for a new host via through walls and sockets.

    Is there any action I can take regarding this? I know it's very circumstantial but people have been locked away for murder based on circumstantial evedince. This has really ruined my life and I'm still having to deal with it.

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    Re: Bed Bug Issue

    Here's a couple of articles about bed bug lawsuits:

    Basic negligence theory would leave one to conclude that you could have grounds for a lawsuit if the bed bug infestation was the result of your neighbor's negligence.

    Negligence lawsuits combine actual monetary damages for medical treatment and remediation with pain and suffering and emotional distress.

    GA small claims limit is $15,000 so it wouldn't cost you much to give it a shot. If you wanted more than that you'd have to hire a personal injury attorney because higher courts are way to complex for DIY.

    I couldn't even begin to imagine what the burden of proof would be.


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