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no title for used trailer

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  • Sun, Feb 20 2011 7:09 PM

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    no title for used trailer

    I bought a boat with a trailer from a private party and when I went to pick it up i was told that they could not find the title for the trailer and would get it to me.Since my brother knew him I thought he could be trusted. And  that was back in july 2010. Come to find out that he never got the title, from an Indiana marina where he bought the boat and trailer from several years earlier. So while I was waiting for the title I received a bill of sale from the marina ( I was never there) and an a affidavit of police officer ( I was in posession of trailer at the time in IL) they had put that the trailer was a 1984 and my bill of sale showed it as 1994. they put a 6 digit vin number on the bill of sale and shows i paid cash to the marina. I took the paperwork to the  local dmv and they said i would not be accepted in the state of IL. I looked at the trailer to verify the vin number and could not find a vin on the trailer. I cant make this into a homemade trailer due to it having a manufactors name on the trailer. I contacted the manufactor of the trailer and they told me the vin should be 17 digits and the six digits they gave me on the bill of sale from the marina shows it a 1997 trailer but would not give me any more info. The sos police in IL are of no  help and said I was just up the creek without a paddle. What are my options now?  The cost of a new trailer is about 3500.00 which I feel I shouldnt have to pay alone. Why doesnt the SOS police care? I thought it was against the law to sell something in IL without a title?

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    Re: no title for used trailer

    No, it's not against the law to sell a vehicle without a title. You just don't get the benefit of title when you buy it that way. The police have better things to do than to bail you out of something you brought upon yourself.

    You have two choices:

    1 - Sue the seller for your money back on the grounds that he didn't give you good title.


    2 - Post a vehicle title bond per 625 ILCS 5/3-109:

    Next time you buy anything that requires a title, insist on examining the title before you pay the money.

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    Re: no title for used trailer

    It is a stolen trailer!! It is now a crime in your state to register a stolen trailer.


    Go to and see for yourself and on the left look for Stolen Trailers!!!

    You have a new law on the books that it is now a felony for what you are going to do.

    The industry is trying to stop us from telling the truth.


    So what are you going to do?


  • Mon, Feb 21 2011 2:57 PM In reply to

    Re: no title for used trailer

    You must be aware that NO registration for trailers in 7 STATES!!!!  In Virginia our DMV advocates stolen trailers because they simply give a new vin number without checking.

    YOu can bring that trailer into Virginia and our DMV will give you a simple application for a "Homemade" trailer and guess what!!! You will get one.


    I have a better idea...sell the stolen trailer to somebody in Kansas,,,Tennesee....South Carolinia because NO REGISTRATION!!!



    See this letter to the editor...

    Lou Parris

    Published: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 9:59 a.m.
    Last Modified: Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 9:59 a.m.

    ( page of 2 )

    John Lutz of Saluda is minus a utility trailer, thanks to the thief who cut two heavy chains and three locks and took it all, even the block of wood on which the tongue rested – and thanks, perhaps, to South Carolina. During the process of filing a claim, it dawned on him that the likely dumping ground for his stolen trailer is South Carolina, which does not require that utility trailers be registered and tagged. "I figure you can steal a trailer in North Carolina and easily unload it in South Carolina because it wouldn't have to be registered there," he says, encouraging the Palmetto State to do something about that. "South Carolina must be a haven for trailer thieves. If South Carolina needs another reason for registering utility trailers, what about the revenue source? Of course, my stolen trailer is of no use to anyone in this state because it has a vehicle identification number just like a car, and it's listed in the computer as stolen. If South Carolina passed a law requiring registration of utility trailers, I imagine there would be a lot of them sitting on the sides of the highways because people there wouldn't want to get caught in possession of a stolen trailer. Mine just might show up."


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