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My uncle stole my trust fund!!!

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    My uncle stole my trust fund!!!

    I was 6 years old at the time, my grandpa had saved lots of money up in a bank account for me making a deposit every sunday afternoon for years and years. He always told me that when I turned 21 years old to make sure I went and got my money out of the bank. 

    That day came and me and my mother went to the bank to make the withdraw at which point they stated that my uncle had signed my name and my mothers name and withdrew all my money.

     He lived in a two bedroom apartment before this and he had little to no money back then and then suddenly he lives in Las Vegas where he owns 3 or 4 hotels, car lots, 7 businesses, lives in a mansion and had obtained all these things over night.

     A family member told me that he had changed my grand parents will before they died, he didn't get in trouble because he knew every lawyer in madison county. The will stated that I would get the money they saved for me and a house and he sold that too and moved to las vegas. Now I'm 25 years old and have 2 babies and they aren't having the life they were meant to have, bottom line is I only want back what was mine to begin with, what can I do? 

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    Re: My uncle stole my trust fund!!!

    what can I do? 

    You do what you should have done at least 4 years ago, which is see a lawyer about suing your uncle, and perhaps the bank too, in court for the value of what he took. It's not clear in which state the account was set up, but in some states you'd be out of luck now because the statute of limitations for suing has passed. If the statute of limitation in the state where the account was located has not expired yet, you need to get on the stick now to get the lawsuit filed before that time runs out. Start talking some civil litigation lawyers in that state ASAP.

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