Breach of Union Contract

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    Breach of Union Contract

    Okay here is my situation: I am a member of Transit Workers Local 100. I have 7 years on my job and became a shop steward in January. Two months later I was dismissed from my job. The union is fighting this, and has retained an attorney to plead my case at an upcoming arbitration hearing in front an arbitrator from the labor board.

    My quesion is this: If the arbitrator decides that management has violated our union contract (and union officials tell me I have an excellent case, and will amost certainly win), do I have any recourse to file suit? My reasoning is that they've caused me a lot of grief (I have medical bills I now can't afford to pay, my credit rating is impacted by my sudden inability to pay every bill on time, I'm not eating as well, I'm losing sleep, etc.). Can I be compenated for them harm that's been done to me, if the labor board finds in my favor? Can they be punished?

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    Re: Breach of Union Contract

    Odds are, if you prevail,  you get reinstated with full back pay and full benefits --but no further "damages"

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    Re: Breach of Union Contract

    Well yes I know that that's what the labor board will do. But do I have recourse to try and seek damages? I gather from what you've said that I don't, but I want to be sure.

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