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Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

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  • Sun, Jun 12 2011 11:19 AM

    Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

    I had signed up for "Solid Computer Decisions" (SCD) in March 2001.  The school was founded by Jerry Wingate out of Charlotte NC and encompassed numerous states. The school promised that for $10,000 the student would recieve a certification as MCSE, Microsoft Certifeid Services Engineer.  This included the classes, labs and 9 tests at no cost to me as the "Student Loan" would cover it.  Oh and a promise of a job as an instructor upon satisfacory completion. 

    Sallie Mae (SLM) was the provider of the loan.  Unbeknownest to me and everyone else at the time.  This loan was actaully a "Private Loan" but SLM classifies it as a "Private Student Loan", a "Private Loan" or anything they choose at any given time.  It was revelaed after the closure and no lawyer in SC would touch the case because it was "Small Business Bankruptcy".  Any class action lawsuit would take 10 years and only get maybe $50 per student.

    SCD claimed to be a Certifed Microsoft School, and various other lies.  After attending the school for two weeks, Jerry Wingate filed bankruptcy and disappeared.  All fo the students and staff (former students) were left with owing SLM for the loans.  SLM had also been giving Mr. Wingate the $10,000 almost immediately as soon as the contracts were sent to them.

    The scam was exposed when Ted Turner's son, yes the Ted Turner of Atlanta's Turner Broadcasting, had planned to attend the school.  He found shady dealing between SCD and SLM and SLM stopped giving Mr. Wingate the money up front.  Mr. Wingate, being a small business, decided to shut down and disappear.  It was discovered afterwards that ALL of his credentials and those of his school were faked, forged and overall the school was a scam.  SLM was giving him the money and then insuring each for more than the intial amount in the event that a student defaults or the school goes bankrupt they would get more than they put into it.

    The sad part is that in the contract, which I still have the original, it shows that if I did not receive the full courses, ALL of the certifications (I was responsible for passing them) were not provided to me at NO additional charges then the contract was void.  I would not be liable for repayment.  NOW - When I mentioned this to SLM's headhunters they scoffed and said "their contract does not show that" and that I am liable for the debt.  I told them I could mail my ocntract and they basically told me that mine was a fake.

    Not only has this gone to court in other states and ruled against SLM because they knowingly gave money to a fradulent institution.  SCD was NOT licenesed to operate in any state, as I mentioned everything was forged.  The forgeries looked authenticate.  SLM was NOT to give anything to an illegal business.

    SLM had promised me back in 2005 that the loan would be forgiven.  It was not forgiven and they continue to harrass me and my father.  I did the offered teachout in 2003, which was supposed to have included the full 9 certifications and prep material at no charge.  Needless to say after completing the teachout and requesting the vouchers fo rthe certifications, the school I attended told me that SLM did not pay for all 9 but for 4 and I would have to pay $50 for the prep courses.  SLM denies this. 

    They continuosly harrass me and my father, the co-signer.  They threaten, they berate, belittle and any form of collections tactics they can think of.  I have checked my credit report and SLM has fradulatenlty showed that I made payments up until 2009 and then defaulted.  They show it as a write off and claim it will be on my credit report until 2016.  The problem with that is this.  I have not made a payment to them since late 2003 when I did not get what I was supposed to have gotten from the teachout. 

    How can they prove that I made payments to them when I didn't?  They have sold my account to at least four collection agencies. I have received calls from two at one time trying to collect.  One of them actually claimed that I promised to pay in full in Feb 2011.  I told the representative that I NEVER made any such promise.  He argued with me and said that it was in their database as I did.  When I asked if he had it on recording, as most ligitimate companies do in the 21st century he said no they don't. 

    they continued to contact me twice a day for a month and once I did answer the phone the person was rude and threatning me.  She told me I would never buy a home, new car, that SLM would ruin see to it that they would ruin my credit etc.  When I told her that if I were a minority or from a "protected group" this loan would be forgiven in a heart beat and that I WANTED them to sue me!!!  She hungup. 

    Oh BTW in the contract it states that SLM nor I could take this matter to court.  SLM sent me a letter in Nov 2009 requesting that I sign a "Promise not to sue" and they would credit the accont for $400.  I contacted their Quality Control and those people started yelling and screaming.  I told them it was in the contract and it showed they meant to scam people.

    This has been a crazy 10 years delaing with SLM.  I do honestly believe that they are bullies and their so called Attorney Collection Agencies are scam artists also.  Isn't SLM affiliated with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?  That would say allot there.

    I would appreciate any and all advise or suggestions.  Also, I would like to know of other people having the same issues with SLM.  FYI, Jerry Wingate is into another scam in Charlotte NC.


  • Sun, Jun 12 2011 1:11 PM In reply to

    Re: Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

    I suggest that about all you can do at this point is ignore the collection efforts. Change your phone numbers or let your answering machine work for you and throw out any correspondence.

    That the loan was resold several times tells me that your chances of being sued are pretty close to zero as the statute of limitations in SC for written contracts is 3 years.

    It sucks that yours and your Dad's credit is trashed but, unless you want to spend barrels full of money on a lawyer, you'll probably just have to live with that till it drops off the credit reports. Or, you could try disputing the entries on the grounds that the default occurred in 2003. Doing that is free, at least.


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    • Dleasler
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    Re: Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

    You know what is really strange or that I read all the time about how BAD Sallie Mae is and how much of crooked dealings they always are involved in.  YET - They are partnered with the Dept of Education (go figure right).  Like the other cousins, Fannie and Freddie.

    SOOOOO - that is why NOONE, none of these so called Bad A** lawyers, stand up for the little man, will take on a big corporation.  That is HOW I see it.  They are afraid of them and "BIG BROTHER" will shut them down.  Sort of like Hilter used to do...or Stalin and the like.

    Actually if you look at it...all of Washington, from Barrack O"blama" down are lawyers.  Everyone gets a piece of the little man's pie.  In it or themselves.

    I would call them up, cuss them out and call them all KINDS of racial slurs...and DARE them to take it to court and to call the CNN, MSNBC, ABC you name it.  I bet they won't do anything because then it would draw unwanted attention to them.  They will not sue you for doing that but, as you said, hangup on you.  They DO NOT WANT THE ATTENTION...

    I hate when the big companies do these kind of things...Their mindset is that you do not have the money to hire a legal rep.  So force them on the issue to bring it to public light.

    Good luck

  • Wed, Jun 22 2016 3:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

    We are just now having to fight our loan with an attorney, but all of our documents were at the office located in Charlotte.   My question is how did you find out and how can we prove that all the documentation for this school was fraudulent.  Our attorney is stating that we should probably pay the loan even though its 16 years old and because there is no statute of limitations on school loans.  However, everything I have read states that there is a statute of limitation in North Carolina. We have been through 6 different collection companies and now they are going back and duplicating.  We are trying to refinance our home in October and CAN NOT have this on our credit report.


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    • sazu
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    Sad [:(] Re: Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

    This is really critical moments you are pasing through. Its clear that, they traped you with false as they noticed you as an innocent and ordinery person. From that moment they started to think how to traped you to gain their goal. As your stated, they are threating you since been long time by several way. This is also shows about their crazyness.In this situation i would like to consult with a lawyer who is expertise on this type of cases. It will be better if you visit where you will find such expertise. Share your situations in details so they can understand the real senario of your problems. I am pretty much sure, that you will get the real solution from them. One more thing want to share with you. Dont get afraid with their threatned. Bcause of in reallaty those peoples are much more weak and afraid in their heart. So response to them with strong voice as you know u didnt make anything illegel.




  • Fri, Mar 3 2017 4:14 PM In reply to

    • DOCAR
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    Re: Sallie Mae and Solid Computer Decisions still ongoing

    First of all, this is a 6 year old thread, that someone posted to 1 year ago, and has posted nothing since.

    Second, I would never go to a law firm that advertises in violation of the terms of service that the poster agreed to when signing up.

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