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Modification of a Chapter 13 procedure and timeline

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  • Fri, Jun 17 2011 12:31 PM

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    Modification of a Chapter 13 procedure and timeline


    I am in a current 13 but I have had income lowered by $1200 a month. The change in income and the fact that I am no reaffirming the mortgage and surrending the home are my reasons for modification.  

    Before I commit to this modification, I have questions:

    1) What is the timeframe from filing of a notice to modify and modification(that is if all goes well)

    2) What documents are required to be given to the trustee to achieve the modification?

    3) In Florida can social security lump sum back pay be taken, or is this an exemption? I have placed in a separate bank account and the money from SS is the only money in there.



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    Ok [+0+] Re: Modification of a Chapter 13 procedure and timeline

    Hi Mary16,


    It is my understanding that the modification may be sent in at anytime, but should definitely be sent in before you submit your payment. If you cannot afford your payments and miss your first payment, a motion to dismiss may be filed.

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    I wish you the best with your bankruptcy.


    - Cody

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