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FERS Disability Help

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    Re: FERS Disability Help

    Thank you for pointing that out Mr McGill, I hadn't thought about the possiblity of the backpay. My wife had her yearly checkup with a retina specialist yoday, condition is stable but hasn't improved.

    A bit of good news.There was a letter from OPM that arrived today stating her FERS disability request has been approved. For those interested, we submitted paperwork on 3/26/16. So, roughly five months. She does still have an active grievance through her Union. But, she's not sure when a ruling will take place. 

    Is it possible to continue the grievance, eeoc claim, or other litigation while collecting FERS disability?

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    Re: FERS Disability Help

    Yes, there is normally nothing wrong with continuing a grievance, EEO Complaint or other litigation while concurrently receiving a FERS Disability annuity, but some of the issues may naturally become moot or otherwise resolved, based upon the granting of the disability retirement, inasmuch as you filed it "voluntarily".

    Sincerely, Robert R. McGill, Esquire

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