Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

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  • Thu, Sep 8 2011 5:41 PM

    Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    I'll keep it short...

    My ex and myself were appointed a GAL and she obviously showed favortism to my ex, lied in court, never provided me a written or verbal report and is now seeking a judgement against both of us. I'm going to ask that the court require the petitioner to pay for the gal, per 755 ILCS 5/11a 10 on the grounds that I can't afford it. I am going to file a complaint, any suggestions as to where I can find complaints and should I file with the ARDC or with the GAL board or both?

    I'm aslo asking that she be removed.

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    Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    More direct, is there a site that allows me to find complaints and discipline taken against this gal/attorney?


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    Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    try searching, il public and professional regulations, il lawyers have to be licensed thru them and you can file a formal complaint.  They actually will look into it if its legit.  Not sure exactly what it is called but typing in il professinal regulations should get you the website.

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    Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?


    More direct, is there a site that allows me to find complaints and discipline taken against this gal/attorney?

    Here is a what I found in regards to looking up an attorney's history in Illinois.

    Reseaching Attorney Discipline

    When I clicked on the Illinois link, it took me straight to this: ARDC Lawyer Search.

    Hope that helps you a bit.


    "Never assume anything and always verify everything." ~ Taxagent

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    Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    Your complaint probably won't go anywhere. A GAL is given a lot of freedom and your perception that there was favortism is just that - your perception. You're going to need objective evidence.

    It's unlikely that the court is going to remove the GAL on your motion alone

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    Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    Well per the GAL statute, I've filed a complaint with ARDC, AG and GAL board for non submission of report, Timeliness, and negligence along with a few others that fit this particular scenario and I've also done some case study where these were severely frowned upon...


    Having the GAL shouldn't actual be a problem if the grounds are granted. My opinion of her being bias is supported by her lack of diligence and a few other provable factors. Scenarios like this are all to often brushed under the rug and it's people who are just quietly complacent that enable civil injustices to continue. If someone has a legitimate complaint that violates laws or statutes, those people should be smart enough and strong enough to do their part in preventing violators from being in positions that allow them to effect peoples lives.


    Thanks for the info though.

    If anyone is considering a similar situation, it's best to find circumstances (case study) that have been reprimanded before and utilize them but they must be applicable.

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    Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    *Having the GAL removed.

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    Pending Solution - Re: Complaint against Guardian Ad Litem?

    Re:  Complaint against bias Guardian Ad Litem

    Hello, I read the situation that occurred between you and your ex concerning your child. I am sorry you had to experience that.

    I am involved in a similar situation that is now in court and a Guardian Ad Litem has been assigned. My child has been abused and neglected by the mother, and bruise marks continue to appear. My child is also afraid to return back to the mothers' residence after drop offs and is telling me what her mother does to her whenever she gets angry (Bi-Polar). The Guardian Ad Litem refuses to do anything and continues to sympathize with my ex. She also works with my ex to limit my time with my child.

    I want to find out, did your method work for removing the Guardian Ad Litem from any of your future cases. I was thinking of following the same steps you mentioned in order to file a complaint before this goes back to trial, since I found evidence of that this Guardian Ad Litem is extremely biased toward men. I am still trying to find out how is it that she was able to get certification for helping children, when she is keeping them in abusive environments and is an obvious advocate for mothers. DFCS and the police department keep telling me they cannot interfere with custody matters, although abuse is present. They refuse to even talk to my child to find out exactly what is occurring to her and refuse to help her.

    Were your efforts of writing to the proper agencies effective in resolving your situation? Any information you can render will be greatly appreciated, by both me and my child.


    Concerned Father for his child



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