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Gang Stalking - Community harassment groups

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  • Fri, Sep 30 2011 2:16 PM In reply to

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    Re: Gang Stalking - Community harassment groups

    To Dennis Miller,

    Whether you're the 'famous' Dennis Miller or not, you, like some others on this forum, are giving advice about a serious subject that you have virtually no knowledge of.  Either that or your intention is to ridicule a person that is already suffering at the hands of others and is trying to find some help.  What you say, even in such a forum, can and does effect others.  You may have been trying to help, maybe.  You may have been trying to harm.  Vertigo262 is experiencing a real crime.  That the crime and the people that perpetuate are completely evil and insane, there is no doubt.  Before jumping to conclusions why not see if what this person claims could possibly be true.  It would take less than 1/2 hour with our good friend Google to find out that this crime is growing at epidemic rate.  It comes from the highest levels of government, is silenced by these people because they control the vast majority of the world's media, which is why so few are aware of it.  The retired FBI agents that have blown the whistle are now targeted in the same fashion.  The very few politicians that have a concience and have spoken out on this crime, same result.  They are running for their lives.  If Vertigo262 were delusional it would be so much simpler.  The reality is much more frightening.  In conclusion, please don't give advice on a subject that you are completely without knowledge.  Your suggestion to Vertigo262 is the worst advice that could be given.  This person does not need a shrink, his/her mind is functioning as it should.

  • Mon, Oct 24 2011 1:45 AM In reply to

    Re: Gang Stalking - Community harassment groups

     Bullies are sneaky. And unthinking response, especially public over reaction, to whatever provocation, may only play into their hands. Ignoring them doesn't help either. Bullies must first be outfoxed and exposed. Bullying unpunished persists. Know more at:

    PS. Conspiracism is bullshit. Bullies collude with one another quite readily. Bullies seek out vulnerable targets entirely on their own initiative, not on command from the New World Order, and they don't need orbital brain lasers either.

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    News [|*|] Re: Gang Stalking - Community harassment groups

    hello onevoice. I am a victim and my family of 3 generations , I discovered what was going on and spoke out about it to a couple of people and i was put on extra torture in2001. home entries of neighbors aho are given my homekey by landlords, food and drinks and sugar posioned with op pestisides and arsenic.. shapoos and dody wash, liq. laundry and fabric softners. face foundation, roll on deoderant, lotios, body powder. dog posioned and abused when i left her at home alone and when i went to church. car vandalized and entried to cause me to be afraid and have panic attacks, I have almost died 4 times , i have thrown out entire food supplys, opened mayo,etc. cottage chesse and sandwish meet is also a posion favorite, and opened bttles of soft drinck and wine, I was not to survived. my boyfriend and i padlocked the house,that stoped the home entries, because these neighborhood watch preputartors will not break and entry because it has to stay covert, and i witnessed in 4 occasions 2 men around 27 to 35 years__
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    Re: Gang Stalking - Community harassment groups

    I agree this happens a lot, but it can and does usually involve a small group of delusional people. It is adult bullying and for all the same reasons kids do it. The people are typically insecure, they feel some sort of threat or the "getting together" to bully, harass, attack the one person is something that draws them together, makes them feel "apart of things," so to speak. Usually these types are not very bright, they have low social intelligence, they have too much time to kill because they aren't involved in things that matter.

       Their bullying causes tremendous harm, they become insulated and reinforce the dangerous mentality. They become more and more aggressive, to the point of following the person.

       They are the ones who hide behind dark tinted windows, but like one poster said, pulled into the light they show themselves to be the cowards they are and scurry away.

      The big problem is the lack of training for law enforcement on the grassroots level about this type of thing, how to deal with it at the community level. The lack of knowing what to do makes the cops worse. Doing nothing emboldens all criminals, and their behavior does rise to a criminal act. The lack of local law enforcement which is the only option for most is more harmful. So cops need to be enlightened and trained about this and to this, how to deal with this, and to be told to aggressively enforce laws such as charging people with aggravated stalking. It is a crime. Instead the local dinks who wear a badge want to blow it off become they themselves are not savvy enough.

      When any bully starts to buy and use all these devices you can get online to stalk innocent people, things go from bad to worse. The legislatures need to start addressing this type of thing, including a rule that prevents the police from abusing such things.

       If there are no laws, then they need to be created that will enable lawyers to sue these bullies, because when they get hit in the pocketbook, that will put an end to their devastating tactics.





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