sue for stolen checks

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    sue for stolen checks

    My son girlfriend stole my check book while I was living in WV she was sentence and was on house arrest she popped three times on a drug test spent 9 months in jail.. out of a three years sentence ...while all this was going on I lost everything I have temp custody of her two children (which she was on drugs the whole time she was pregant and SS up in WV did not help at all) I paid out over 5000.00 in legal bill plus taking care of the kids

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    Re: sue for stolen checks

    I presume "her two children" are your son's children.  :)

    You do understand that you didn't post a question.  I wouldn't bother suing this person, though you're free to do so.  Not clear how you lost everything if someone else stole your checkbook and presumably forged your signature; I'd be taking issue with my bank's actions with regard to cashing forged checks and not making good on the money.  That's the party with the deeper pocketbook vs. some jailed or indigent drug addict.

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