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State of Georgia Moralty Clause

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Latest post Sat, Jun 21 2008 10:41 AM by LdiJ. 5 replies.
  • Thu, Jun 19 2008 4:28 PM

    • dad1231
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    Feedback [*=*] State of Georgia Moralty Clause

    I'm in the process of a divorce and recently signed a temporary order that keeps me from having my girlfriend around my children for 60 days. The order expires in three days. I was not happy with the order and didn't want to sign it but I did since it was only temporary. I want to have my children around my girlfriend and we are planning to move in together. Today someone mentioned the Morality Clause. I was told that my ex can keep me from having my children around my girlfriend until we marry. I have ever heard of this and would like some input.
  • Thu, Jun 19 2008 4:38 PM In reply to

    • Ford
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    Feedback [*=*] You have a wife and a girlfriend?

    Most attorneys would advise against that during a divorce, I believe, because it is never helpful for the divorce. It's just another thing that keeps the parties from being able to discuss things rationally.

    I'm not in GA, but no court should be ordering that a parent cannot have his significant other (SO) around children, absent a divorce proceeding or some showing that the SO is a potential harm to the kids. The right to parent is Constitutional and it includes the right to introduce children to other people.

    I believe whatever morality clause people are telling you about regards having sleepovers without benefit of marriage.
  • Thu, Jun 19 2008 8:35 PM In reply to

    Feedback [*=*] re: State of Georgia Moralty Clause

    I doubt your ex can keep your girlfriend away from the kids until you marry, but I really think you should wait on introducing the kids to this woman. The kids are probably going through enough as it is and you do not need to pull the kids into your love life, especially when you are not even divorced yet.

    I think kids should be introduce down the road, after the divorce. As far as the wife being able to keep GF away until you marry, you are free to request the same thing on her end, although this type of restriction is not awarded very often.
  • Fri, Jun 20 2008 6:54 AM In reply to

    re: State of Georgia Moralty Clause

    Both of you are allowed to have anyone you want around the children as long as they are appropriate, including for sleepovers and living together; and prior to any divorce which could take years( in some circumstances). The courts expect and want people to have moved on.
  • Fri, Jun 20 2008 7:00 AM In reply to

    • bigmom
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    re: State of Georgia Moralty Clause

    If language is entered into an agreement by both parties that says that a party can not have the child/ren around SO, and it is violated, it is contempt of court...BUT it is a very hard thing to substantiate in court as everyone has the right to have relationships and the ex can not dictate who that person is unless they are a proven harn to the child/ren. If anything the judge would slap your hand. Courts do not order this language in divorces.

    Agree with above poster that if the language is entered for one person it should also be there for the other person. Personally, I think it is ridiculous.
  • Sat, Jun 21 2008 10:41 AM In reply to

    • LdiJ
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    re: State of Georgia Moralty Clause

    There are states, particularly in the Bible Belt, that routinely include those kinds of restrictions in custody orders. Therefore you cannot state that so flatly. It may be true in some states, but it is not going to necessarily be true in others.
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