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Help me calculate my child support

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  • Fri, Feb 3 2012 11:06 AM

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    Help me calculate my child support

    My wife and I agree on pretty much everything.  We want joing managing conservatorship and joint custody split 50/50 with alternating one week periods.  Each Monday morning at 8 AM you drop them off at school and the other parent will pick them up that afternoon.  I've setup a calendar for holidays etc and it boils down to 45% time for me and 55% time for her but next year that will flip because of the holidays going to the other parent.  All the calculators for child support seem to only be for sole custody cases.  But I read one article written by a lawyer that tried to explain a little more.  I understand that even though we will share time with the kids equally it doesn't mean I won't have to pay support.  From what I understand they will take what she would pay in child support given her current income, compare it to what I would pay (if either side had sole custody) and find the difference.  Then the difference is what the person with more pays the person with less.  I'm not a deadbeat dad and don't have a problem paying for it because I don't want to leave my wife in a situation where she can't care for the kids during her 50% of the time she has them.  But what about the other factors I read about that the judge considers like the age of the kids (4, 8, 10)? Or the fact that we don't have any health insurance right now.  We can't afford private insurance and we make too much for CHIPS, etc.  Here are the two scenarios I have come up with:

    Scenario 1: Current income after taxes - 3 children - 30% base guideline 

    Mother - $1000 per month   Father - $6500 per month
                 $1000 x .30 = $300            $6500 x .30 = $1950

                                      $1950 - $300 = $1650 payable to the Mother

    Scenario 2: Estimated income after taxes IF she gets the full time job she applied for - 3 children - 30% base

    Mother - $3000 per month   Father $6500 per month
                 $3000 x .30 = $900          $6500 x .30 = $1950 

                                     $1950 - $900 = $1050 payable to the Mother

    Do those calculations work?  What about daycare, etc?  I just know there has to be more to it than a lump 30%.  We are going to try and do everything on our own and only use a lawyer for reviewing the final divorce decree so I have to be sure to do my homework on this stuff.  Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Re: Help me calculate my child support

    If you mutually agree to a reasonable number and that is not inconsistent with childs needs--why would court not approve same?

    I might suggest there be a preset formula as to who pays for kids medical--say 75/25 and how--easier now than after a "problem" surfaces.

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    Re: Help me calculate my child support

    What does your wife say about those figures?


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