Step-Father Abused Step-Son

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    Step-Father Abused Step-Son

    If a step-father abused his step-son (black eye) while the wife was at work, and the son called his biological father to pick him up after the incidient, can the biological father keep the son away from his mother without a court order? It's understandable that he's angry that her new husband did that to his child, but he refuses to even let her see their son and threatened bodily harm if she even attempted to do so.

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    Re: Step-Father Abused Step-Son

    2 wrongs do not make bio dad correct safer step(s)  for bio dad would be to call CPS and police in about that order

    How old is step son?

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    Re: Step-Father Abused Step-Son

    Well the main concern should be what is going to happen to the step-dad now? Hopefully mom or the bio Dad has contacted CPS and the police. If mom has not done anything, then that is probably going to make her look bad.

    Dad should get a restraining order against the step-dad. Mom can file contempt but given her husband abused the kid it might not get anywhere. Has mom kicked step-dad out/ Perhaps if there is some sort of guarantee the step-dad is not around the kid maybe the dad will allow visits.

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    Re: Step-Father Abused Step-Son

    It's understandable that he's angry that her new husband did that to his child


    Angry?  No doubt he's livid.  Can't blame him one bit.

    What DAD needs to do is call the police and CPS, as well as seek an emergency custody order.

    Where is stepdad now?  If Mom didn't throw him out for punching HER child in the face (and just newly wed....I predict a very bad marriage and mom may receive a few punches herself.   A man who has the gall to do so...right away?!  Wow), it's likely she might never see her child again.

    CPS often insists the abuser (esp if he is NOT related to the child) leave before allowing the child back.

    So where does mom stand?  Weakly defending and sticking by the creepy moron? Or her son?  If it's not her son, she's likely to lose her child altogether.   Any mother worth her salt would throw the bum out immediately...not whine to bio-dad she wants to see son.

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    Re: Step-Father Abused Step-Son

    To answer your question, if Mom is the custodial parent, then no, he cannot keep child away from her and he certainly cannot threaten to harm her physically. 

    That being said, did anyone call the police? CPS? When did this happen and what is going on now??


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    Re: Step-Father Abused Step-Son

    Court orders stand until other orders supersede them; however, what do you think would happen if mom tried to get the authorities to enforce her orders?

    This would all come out and worst case scenario would be stepdad is arrested, CPS is called, and worse, it's possible they could put son in a foster home if they don't agree dad is a suitable guardian at this time for one reason or another.

    It's understandable that he's angry that her new husband did that to his child


    Yes, it's understandable, but is it understandable that a mother would STAY with new husband starting this violence already?  No, it's not.

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