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Should I get a Lawyer?

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Latest post Mon, Apr 2 2012 3:09 PM by adjuster jack. 3 replies.
  • Mon, Apr 2 2012 2:37 PM

    • justsue7
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    Should I get a Lawyer?

    In Dec 2011 I fell on the sidewalk, was window shopping and the sidewalk went from cement to open plant area w/plants and a huge boulder.  Also there was a very large (2"- 21/2") nozzle.  I was looking in the window and as I side stepped my foot landed and rolled on the nozzle and I fell over!  My hand landed on the boulder and my elbow felt like it was pushed out of my skin, very painful.  Laid there for minutes trying to make sense of what happen.  My friend tried to help me up, but it took a few minutes to figure out how to get up w/o hurting. A huge knot appeared on my elbow and my hand was very swollen.  Went make to our room and iced it.  I have no medical insurance and thought well I can move my fingers and just keep it iced.  When i went to work the next day (work at a clinic)the nurse said I should go ER.  So I did.  Contacted the city and sent in all necessary paperwork.  Took 3-4 weeks to hear back and the lawyer for the city said they are not responsible.  That it's the owner I should be going after. Called the owner and they said there is a HOA. The doctors bill add ER are under a $1000.00 and have to take 3-4 days off work. Is there lawyers out there, I'm in California that will take this case? Thanks



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    Re: Should I get a Lawyer?

    No reason why you can't consult with a personal injury lawyer to see if you have a case.  Usually consults are free.

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    Re: Should I get a Lawyer?

    Is there lawyers out there, I'm in California that will take this case?

    You need to consult with a personal injury attorney to find out if there are options available to you.

    Just becuase you tripped and fell doesn't automatically make the property owner liable.  A good case could likely be made that you weren't paying enough attention and are partially responsible for the accident.

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    Re: Should I get a Lawyer?

    Frankly, I don't see any negligence, other than yours.

    But feel free to consult a personal injury attorney.

    Maybe a nuisance claim will get you some go-away money.


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