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divorce & vasectomy

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Latest post Mon, Mar 17 2008 6:18 PM by LynnM. 4 replies.
  • Wed, Mar 5 2008 5:04 PM

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    Question [=?] divorce & vasectomy

    My ex asked me for a divorce not quite 2 months after my vasectomy. She has bragged about how she tricked me into getting it done. I did it thinking we were going to be together not Knowing she met someone else. I love my 2 children i have now but i have been setup with woman who want to have a child. I would want another child. My question is has anyone ever heard of someone in my situation filing lawsuit against exwife for basiclly lying to me. I would like her to have to pay for a reversile of my vasectomy
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    Feedback [*=*] re: divorce & vasectomy

    I doubt it, but a reversal might be worth the money. You can try talking to an attorney.
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    Feedback [*=*] re: divorce & vasectomy

    there are no words that I know of, that could accurately respond to the awful thing that you describe here. I really am very sorry.

    There are many things you could do, in response to this, but I think your best response might be to do nothing at all. I don't mean in life in general, but in response to your soon to be X.

    It sounds like to me, you should just keep walking on the high road. At this point, just be the best father and dad you can be for your children. Should a day in the future come, that you meet someone else, and want to have children, you can deal with that then. And I would say, be up front with anyone you meet in the future, when and if it becomes serious.

    If you strike back at your now wife, you have to think about what that's going to do to your children. If she is really bragging about tricking you, well, I just don't even know what to say. That, is just a horrible horrible person. You might want to be glad to be rid of her knowing what you know here.

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    re: divorce & vasectomy

    Legally, I don't think you have a foot to stand on.

    You signed the consent, you went and had the procedure done. She did not coerce you into doing that. While I don't disagree she is not a very kind person, you would have a very very difficult time pursuing this in a court room and getting any type of relief.

    On the other hand, it is very important if this is something you sincerely want to do, that you act sooner rather than later.

    Reversal vasectomies may take up to 12 months to report a stable semen analysis test result, ie.. the longer you wait, the less chance this has of becoming effective .

    Additionally, as this is not medically necessary, it is typically not covered by most medical insurance plans and can run anywhere from 5k to over 12k out of your pocket to have this done.
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    re: divorce & vasectomy


    You chose to have the procedure done. If you want to get it reversed, it's on your dime.
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