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    mail carrier injured 1.5 years ago, i paid for everything (surgery after care) once the OWCP felt i could work they approved my case and when my Dr. stated that i could not work due to chronic nerve ( Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Thoracic outlet syndrome) damage and needed further treatment.they would not send my lost wages until i sent a letter to the white house. so 15 mo later finally a 1st payment. the owcp held the next 2 payments @ 90 days each this made it hard to pay for life needs. then they request an IME the DR. i was scheduled for was known un-fair exams. i sent a request for a different DR. for 2 reasons 1. he would not write a fair eval and 2. i had not had any income for 90 days and the CE did not approve transport. so i was set up to fail and i was sanctioned for failure to appear. the OWCP stated to the hearing rep that they did not see my written request for transport until 5 days after sanctions. and refused to reverse it. and the hearing rep sided with the sanction even tho there was record of effort to apear. the IME sent me to a Functional capicity exam that i could not complete due to the nerve damage 2.5 months later still w/o pay i was told i woul not receive pay until i complete the exam (the set up) . well i went to all requested exams and 230 day later still no pay 50 days from the second exam. sent 5 letters requesting the rule that allows further sanctions after compliance twice and no resopnse. well i sent a request to FOIA and got a copy of the IME and the fuctional exam.

    now here is the curent issue my case worker only sent slective notes from my medical file to get a letter frome the IME that states i could work w/o restrictions. when the rule states all medical notes on life are to be sent to the IME. the IME DR. never got the nerve damage medical notes and the request for surgery. now that ive found out that im being set up again i sent a complaint to the Dist director and no resopnse. so today i sent a complaint to Hilda the mean time my family has no income.

    are there any laws aginst what the DOL is doing.  attempting to conceal, withhold or misrepresent the facts to try n deny benefits further.

    thank-you in advance for reading this

  • Wed, Aug 8 2012 4:37 PM In reply to

    Re: sanctions

    Contact your congressional representative with evidence of concealing, withholding and misrepresentation.Set this out clearly with good documentation. Ask that he/she conduct a congressional inquiry.

    While all of this is going on, you must to continue to comply with OWCP while you are being paid benefits of any kind.

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