Previous Athat ttorney suing me for his fees

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    Previous Athat ttorney suing me for his fees

    HI ;


    I had an Attorney i hired before for one case against my land lord, it was small claim and i only hired him for that. My best case resault that i would get about $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 if I'm lucky. So far i paid my Attorney $ 7,350 and him still asking for $ 3,774.50. He was charging me $ 250 an hour, and most of the charges was time he claim spent to discuss the case with another Attorney outside his firm (Without my written approval), My guess at least 60 % of the charges were from him running the clock talking with the other Attorney, I felt he was cheating me so i fired him and hired another one. At the time i fired him we even didn't have one single trial in my case , himself went to the court with me only once for appearance , and the other Attorney he was consulting and i didn't hired attended more than him . Again the other Attorney i didn't enter in written legal contract with , and when i questions my Attorney about the role and the fees of this Attorney , he assured me that i will NOT be over charged and he is only helping in the case . After few months later i realized that he was lying and was running the clock on me for his fees, Now he is suing me for the rest of the amount $ 7,774.50 and i don't think i should pay him anything , but the amount is too small to hire an Attorney to represent me , Any Advice Please ? Thanks

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    Re: Previous Athat ttorney suing me for his fees

    Any Advice Please ? Thanks

    The Chicago Bar Association has a fee dispute process.  Start here:

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    Re: Previous Athat ttorney suing me for his fees

    The Chicago Bar Association has a fee dispute process

    Yes, it does. But note two things. First, if your attorney is not in Cook County, IL, the  Chicago Bar Association (CBA) might not help you. However, the bar assocation for the county where the lawyer is located may offer a similar service. Second, the CBA is not a government agency and has absolutely no power to force an attorney to participate in the fee dispute process or to force an attorney to reduce his fee in the matter. The fee dispute program relies on the willingness of both parties to participate in good faith to be effective.

    If you haven't already, discuss your concerns about the fee directly with the lawyer and listen to his reasoning on the fee. See if you can try to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement to settle the dispute. If that doesn't work, contact the bar association for the county where the lawyer practices to see if it has a fee dispute program. If it does, perhaps the lawyer will agree to participate in that. If it cannot be resolved that way, then the matter may have to be resolved in court.

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