X girlfriend puts pfa on me

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    X girlfriend puts pfa on me

    What can i do about xgirlfriend putting pfa on me so i could be removed from my home.it started november 1st Thursday in the am ,i told her its not working out between us we yelled at each other she then calls the cops,cops came told us to calm down,we did, the police left. she then stormed out the house and threw a pumpkin through front window i called 911 and told them about it.  at that time i walked across the street to riverchase  apartments because i had plans with my daughters mother to be with my daughter and babysit aubrey my daughters little sister while there mother went to work.when i get back home my xgirlfriends stuff was outside she wasnt there and did not sleep there that night.(nov. 1) thinking shes gonna leave,so i went inside and went to bed.the next morning nov.2 i noticed most of the stuff that was seating outside was gone and my x girlfriend wasnt there either .i then went to spend some time with my daughter,when i get back to my home ,my roommate tells me that she was trying to get into the trailer,i then noticed there was a ladder against trailer under the window she had busted out day before .at this time i still havnt seen or spoken to her and again she did not stay there friday night  i did.the next day saturday  nov. 3 im walking to store and she drives up beside me and trys to talk to me,at that moment i told her,i dont want to speak to her and leave me alone.she then drives off.i go to store to buy some grocerys on way back i get stoped by the police to serve me papers.i then panicked went back to my home and  she was not there   to call family members to see what is going on and to help me.and still through all this she was not staying there until the saturday nov.3 

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    Re: X girlfriend puts pfa on me

    Do you have a copy of the PFA?

    Does it say anything about having a hearing within a certain number of days?

    At any rate, my advice is this. Stay away from her, stay away from where she lives even if you have to stay someplace else, don't talk to her, don't email her. She WILL have you arrested if you violate the terms of the PFA.

    Doesn't matter if she isn't there, don't go there.

    If there is still stuff there that belongs to you, petition the court to release the items to somebody who represents.

    Know this: she is hostile and vindictive and just waiting for you to make a mistake so she can have you arrested.


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    Re: X girlfriend puts pfa on me

    Pfa hearing is tomorrow,and she did get me arrested,she has not been staying at my place since nov.1 last thursday,then showed up at house with the police on saturday nov.3,the police got permission from her to kick door down.she didnt have any of her stuff in my home since thursday nov.1,she never had copys of keys for door lease only has my name and all bills are in my name .wanted to ask if i should file for order of protection from harassement.i also have roommate thats gonna go with me to pfa case tomorrow,because he was there in next room when everything was happening

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    Re: X girlfriend puts pfa on me

    I suggest you talk to an attorney before you go into court tomorrow.


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    Re: X girlfriend puts pfa on me

    I suggest you not  only talk to attorney but bring one with you to the hearing.

    Its entirely possible that if you blow your points that she gets an order than in effect gives her your home to squat in same while you get to camp elsewhere  --I've seen it happen --this is no time to think you can solve it on your own. Odds are seasoned counsel can get her to discredit herself --but you don't know the offical rules of how to play such games and are destined to blow it.

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