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    Question [=?] PFA

    MY wife filed a PFA with sexual and physical abuse charges against me. i did not do anything she stated i did. went to court and the lawyer tyold me that i could be GOD and still not win. as a result, i signed the agreement to stay away from her for three years. my lawayer said this does nto admit guilt or have any bearing. now that she is trying for divorce, will this be considered an admission of guilt in that case? I still care for my wife and she is suffering from mental health issues, but i cannot talk to her what is you advice?
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    re: PFA

    No, it won't be. Restraining orders are rather common in divorce cases because the two people often cannot get along.

    Besides, divorce is not about "guilt" or "no guilt". It's about severing the legal ties between you two, such as regaining status as a single person with the right to marry, marital property/debt division and custody/visitation/support of minor children of the union, if applicable.
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    Ok [+0+] re: PFA

    thank you. it is a shame though that things happened the way they did. i do love her and i am very confused over herher actions. she reacted on the fact that i stopped a relationship she was having with her counselor. oh! well. i cannot stop her from wanting something that i cannot give her. time to move on. i am gald that this will not affect the divorce decrea.

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    re: PFA

    CAUTION: If the PFA was used as a ploy to get you out of the marital home and you are stuck paying for same then most certainly a PFA could continue to have practical impact as to economic issues.

    Also, I think adultry is still a fault ground in PA but I'm not sue what that gets you. But see next comment.

    As a practical matter if her mental health issues prevent her from working (how convenient) you may get stuck with some alimony problems.

    I think you need to be discussing both offensive and defensive planning with counsel now.

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    Sad [:(] re: PFA

    i am not sure what her thoughts are at this time. i have spoken to an attorney due to the PFA and he stated that the agreement would not impact the divorce or any other issues. I am now in the middle of an investigation fro children and youth due to the fact that my wife stated i did things to her in front of the children. of course i did not do any of what she is stating, but that seems to be irrelevant. she is accussing me of having sex with her and forcing her to touch me in front of the children. i hope this will be thrown out and found unfounded. i have not done anything and it is her word against mine. i have never done any of these things so i cannot imagine anyone would tell children and youth i did. i have an 18 year old daughter that lives with us upto four months ago and she can testify that i never did anything in front of her or to her. she can also testify that my wife has a habit of walking around naked and even has been seen by some of the repair people that have come to the house over time. i do not know if this will help or not, but this is waht i have. i also have friends that know both of us and i have watched their children and those chidlren are grown up and are now 18 and can state that i have never done anything to them. i guess it is in GODS hands and i did waht i can at this time. any other ideas or suggestions i would appreciate it.
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