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Personal Injury claim

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  • Wed, Apr 2 2014 9:07 PM

    Personal Injury claim

    I fell at gordmans in 09/2013 and I have been trying to get my medical bills paid from the fall, Im actually not asking for anything but that, they recently called me and asked me if I have an attorney and they asked for other information for an attorney to send to them, I wonder should I get an attorney or what is that are needed from me, what does an attorney send them that is so important

  • Wed, Apr 2 2014 9:32 PM In reply to

    Re: Personal Injury claim

    I fell at [Business] in 09/2013 and I have been trying to get my medical bills paid from the fall

    Unless the business was negligent in some way they are not legally obligated to pay your medical bills.  Simply falling at a business does not automatically equate to being responsible for the injury suffered..

    If they were negligent they owe you nothing until a court of law says they do.  If you are determined to pursue it I would consult a personal injury attorney.  Most do an initial consultation for no or very low cost.  If they tell you that there was no negligence then you will know that it isn't worth pursuing.

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  • Thu, Apr 3 2014 4:34 PM In reply to

    Re: Personal Injury claim

    FYI, commas are not all-purpose punctuation marks.

    The questions you've asked seem best suited to the person with whom you spoke.  To the extent you have questions about a legal issue, you should explain why you think someone else should pay your bills just because you fell.  That you fell on someone else's property doesn't necessarily mean that person/entity is liable for your injuries.

  • Thu, Apr 3 2014 8:23 PM In reply to

    Re: Personal Injury claim


    I fell at gordmans in 09/2013

    How did you fall?

    What caused you to fall?

    Details count.



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    • olivejudith
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    Re: Personal Injury claim

    I think you need to explain about the cause of falls in details because if they are asking to come up with an attorney means, then there should be a point in it .First thing try to tell us the incident in details or else share the incident to the personal injury lawyer so that they can help you to get the medical bills.

    According to my view if they are need of lawyer then they need to confirm the details of the incident happen to you.

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    • janifers14
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    Re: Personal Injury claim

    You must mention the cause of fall or detail of you fall. A attorney know the technical points about the personal injury claims and it is better to hire the best personal injury attorney to get the maximum monetry benefits for your personal injury.

  • Sun, Mar 19 2017 11:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Personal Injury claim

    You didn't mentioned the cause of your fall. Anyway if they are asking you to do that there night be some reasons. Please provide some more details. See this in case you need anything http://www.attkissonla...

  • Mon, Mar 20 2017 8:36 AM In reply to

    • DOCAR
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    Re: Personal Injury claim

    Is there a reason you are reviving 2 year old threads?  Besides, the terms of service you agreed to when you signed up, prohibit advertising.

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