False positive drug test

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    Re: False positive drug test

    WOW... CuriousInCa... Thank you - for stating good science!

    But then there are the human individuals who must adhere to that... Often in an environment of whichful thinking - for getting a "positive" result - or one of cost pressure versus any decency or concern for the result they report... And then there are the other aspects of the total protocol required - a thing that I suspect YOU actually can comprehend better than the average reader...

    And then there is your sage advice to the poster - to GET A BACK UP TEST... I had myself many times given that same advice - including to myself. And in spite of that - it was still quite easy to destroy my life with a junk screen phase, inside of the NY courts system.

    So... Thank you - for at least stating some truth here. But in all reality - most individuals in those circumstances... They're going to be as screwed as I was - even WITH my own test. And I did mine by BLOOD - to be sure it would be above suspicion for claims of "cheating", as are often seen in urinalysis and even oral fluid testing - as was the method used to falsely prosecute and sentence me.

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    Re: False positive drug test

    All very good ideas - and mostly pipe dreaming. For those IN that actual process and circumstance - all of the things you advise to be done - are all but impossible to actually get accomplished - let alone within any kind of timeframe that rescues the donor from the bad initial screen. Which says nothing about the monetary costs - to be able to access such power playing... Unless daddy's a senator or local judge - the damage will be DONE to you long before you can begin to access anything that will correct the situation with accurate or reliable information.

    But a very nice sentiment indeed.

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