Conspiracy Charge NYS...

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    Conspiracy Charge NYS...

    Can you be charged with conspiracy in New York State if you give someone the connection to get themselves a kilogram of cocaine? Lets say the guy is an informant or otherwise is caught with the kilo and says you were the one who gave him the phone number or person to go to?



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    Re: Conspiracy Charge NYS...

    Yes, you can be charged. If not for conspiracy, as an accessory, or something else.

    If the authorities want you, they are likely to figure out a way to get you.

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    Re: Conspiracy Charge NYS...

    Thanks. How well would a conspiracy charge of this kind hold up in court though?

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    Re: Conspiracy Charge NYS...

    New York has 6 different degrees of conspiracy charges. The difference between them is the level of the crime that was the object of the conspiracy. In all of them, though, the conspiracy is “with intent that conduct constituting  a crime be performed, he agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.” See Article 105 of the NY Penal Code.

    If Brenda tells Chuck where he may buy drugs, then Brenda and Chuck arguably are agreeing to cause the performance of conduct that constitutes a crimes, i.e. that Chuck will buy illegal drugs from the dealer Brenda suggested. Brenda certainly could be charged by the DA with that. Whether she'd get convicted would depend on whether the jury believes the evidence that the state presented against her is sufficient to make her guilty of conspiracy. 

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    Re: Conspiracy Charge NYS...

    Thank you this is exactly what I suspected lol.

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