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Unmarried Couple..breaking up..What are my legal rights??

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Latest post Wed, Oct 29 2008 12:51 PM by Drew. 3 replies.
  • Mon, Oct 27 2008 7:25 PM

    Question [=?] Unmarried Couple..breaking up..What are my legal rights??

    I have been living with a guy for 4 years now. We broke up. I worked for him too. He paid ALL my bills and now he has taken away my CELL PHONE, CAR, MY JOB and he is telling me I have to leave OUR CONDO...which HE actually left 3 Months ago (but continues to pay for). I have money either. What can I do? Do I have any LEGAL Grounds? He did not pay me for working for him, he did pay the bills. I need help..
  • Tue, Oct 28 2008 9:55 AM In reply to

    Sad [:(] re: Unmarried Couple..breaking up..What are my legal rights??

    If you weren't married, then he has no legal obligations that a divorce would resolve. He may have other obligations as an employer and/or landlord, but that is regardless of whether you were in a relationship with him or not.

    If you worked for him and he provided you room and board and utilities and other benefits (car, phone, bills), that can be considered compensation.

    You pretty much don't have any rights. I'm guessing that you don't have a lease to occupy the condo. And Pennsylvania is an employment at-will state, which means that if living in the condo was part of your compensation for working for him, either of you can end the employment at any time for pretty much any reason (or no reason at all) and he doesn't have to compensate you anymore.

    While I'm sorry to hear that you are going through this difficulty, be thankful that at least you don't have to litigate anything. You can walk away, make a clean break and start over immediately.

    Crash with family or friends until you find a new job, and never mix business with pleasure (don't date anyone you work with, don't work with anyone you're dating).

    Good luck.

  • Tue, Oct 28 2008 12:40 PM In reply to

    • LynnM
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    as unmarried roomates - you have none

    I suppose you could file a wage claim, but if what he paid to support you was more thanyou would have earned at minimum wage, that might not go anywhere.

    If he paid all the bills it's HIS cell phone, HIS car and HIS condo.

    Time to find a new job and a new place to live. And learn the lesson that you never become completely dependent on a boyfriend.
  • Wed, Oct 29 2008 12:51 PM In reply to

    • Drew
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    re: Unmarried Couple..breaking up..What are my legal rights??

    Laymans take:

    1. If you were not a bonafide employee then you may have no realistic back wage claim--and as an at will employee you can be fired at drop of hat.

    2. It is not clear at all if you are his tenant within context of PA landlord tenant laws or merely his invited guest, generally one can merely put an invited guest out the door, done deal. I can see some views as to why you might look like his tenant--but I'm not sure they are winnable points at all. Bottom line I suspect your presence there is likley to be short. OK, you might buy some time by forcing him to take you to court as a tenant--but if he tosses you as a guest and you fail to prevail as a tenant then you were out---merely a question of how fast he wants you out....

    3. You need to be making plans to move on with your life--new job real and new digs with a real lease like pronto

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