Need Plaintiff's Legal Malpractice Lawyer in Northern CA

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  • Tue, Dec 23 2008 10:31 AM

    Need Plaintiff's Legal Malpractice Lawyer in Northern CA

    I am hoping to find someone who values the "less than 1 million dollar" claim. [Could be worth more if your a good enough lawyer] We have a case where the attorney is guilty of egregious violations of ethics, breach of fiduciary duty, false documentation to the court, embezzlement, fraud, elder abuse and actually published attorney/client privileged information on the internet in an attempt to extort us into silence. Criminal charges are currently being investigated by PD, DA, US Attorney and State Attorney General. Violations of State Bar Act and Rules of conduct are under review by the State Bar. Civil recourse for the damages is what we need now. Please email me at:
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    That's not the way to find a lawyer.

    Use the search feature to the right.

    Use your yellow pages.

    Or google.

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