New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    On the DNC this Cuomo guy is tooting his own horn and trying way too hard. 

    A-Hole with a  terrible cadence pontificating .


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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    They also want my doctor to fill out a form because I'm diabetic. Do you believe this?

    Yes.  There are many states that have restrictions medically on driving with certain conditions that can rapidly change creating a public hazard.  Diabetes is one of them and epilepsy is another big one that they restrict.  There are brittle diabetics whose sugar changes so rapidly that it is not safe for them to drive because they black out.  It is not unreasonable for the DMV to have your physician fill out a form stating you are physically capable of driving.  

    It seems to me that your objection is having to qualify for a license in any fashion and you feel they should just give it to you.  Get over it and do what is required.  


    "That's just my opinion, then again I might be wrong."  Dennis Miller


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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    I worked with a fellow with diabetes,I seen him have an attack,if he were operating a vehicle at the time, he would crash. no doubt about it

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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    Best thing is to show the other license and just play dumb!

    In other words, you want to break the law by (1) driving in another state when you do not have a license that permits you to do so and (2) present a license to a law enforcement officer in that other state that you know is not valid since you know it was cancelled. Not exactly what an upstanding, law abiding citizen does, it? It doesn't make you really any better than any other crook who tries to commit some offense because he thinks he'll get away with it.

    Moreover, you take a risk in doing that; should that officer from that other state indeed see from the computer that your license is not valid outside Alabama, you may be cited or even arrested for that. In addition, if convicted in that other state on the license offense that may then lead to the suspension/revocation of the Alabama license you just worked so hard to get.

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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    hey Eric, no one gives a shlt. have fun in Alabama. we are still screwed in New York. please stop posting. you add nothing to this discussion. good luck.

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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    The license is not presently cancelled!

    You said:

    I'm looking at the two licenses right now. One has an issue date of March 9, 2016 and has no restriction. That was the day I went down to renew because it expired the previous October. They cancelled it the following week. The other has an issue date of July 28, 2016 and the restriction VALID IN ALABAMA ONLY is printed on the back.

    So the unrestricted license you have in your possession was cancelled, and the most recent one it issued — the one that is valid — is only good to drive within Alabama. So if that is the license you have then you may not legally drive in any other state. If you do drive in another state then you are committing an offense in that state because you are not licensed to drive in that other state.  Further, if you present that cancelled unrestricted license to an officer in another state you may be committing an additional offense as well.


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    Re: New NYS Repeat DWI offender regulations questions

    WRONG AGAIN!!!! Both licenses have the same ID#. The unrestricted license is NOT cancelled! I

    I went by what you wrote. Reread it again and you will see that you yourself said it was cancelled.

    In any event, the fact remains that your license to drive in Alabama is either restricted or it isn't. You only have one license in the state, and the same ID number of both license cards reflects that. So which is it: is your license in Alabama restricted or not? If you are not sure, ask the state DMV which it is, and that will tell you which of the two license cards you have is the one you may use. I'll bet its the restricted one, as that the most recently issued. You evidently want to try to play games to dance around the restriction you know you have. That can back fire on you if you do it.

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