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Non certiied city inspector

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Latest post Mon, Mar 9 2015 1:12 PM by Drew. 3 replies.
  • Fri, Mar 6 2015 6:19 AM

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    Non certiied city inspector

    I live in a small town in texas.Our local city goverment has, for over 4 years allowed a non certified inspector to do inspections.They charged for permits and inspections.It was not brought to light until he complained to the state about unlicensed plumbers doing work.While the state was here they ask to see his inspection certifacate, he did not have one. They ordered him and another person to stop doing inspections.

    Dureing the 4 years I have had several permit and inspections on my rental properties.I guess the question is , what happens when my insurance company find out? I have had a problem with the city sewer line clogging up,and sewage comeing up threw the drains. the city will water jet there line and get it to flow.I brought in a plumber from out of town, he did a camera into city line and found there line was faulty.I have spent several thousands of dollar haveing my line inspected and roto rooted, only to find out it the cities problem.I get a song and dance routine from the city,we will fix it soon, 4 years later it still has not been fixed.

    It has basically flooded the house, it rusted out older cast iron pipes, and flooded under the house, and now i have noticed mold growing under the floor. I cant rent the house, and have not for four years.

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    Re: Non certiied city inspector

    I guess the question is , what happens when my insurance company find out?

    This was the only question that I saw in your post, but I have no idea why you believe/think that your insurance comany would have any concernes about an uncertified inspector.  What would that have to do with your insurance?  Explain a bit more clearly if you can.



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    Re: Non certiied city inspector

    The only question in your post appears to be rhetorical.  What exactly is it that you want to know?

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    Re: Non certiied city inspector

    The town may have 101 ways to duck solving the problem ..been there with old lines and clogs on city side of the system...only a couple of folks who knew their way around city hall got relief ..the rest of the folks were on their own to fix it ..even if it was logically not their fault .

    I can see trying to get city to,eat some of the costs as to error on lines they own ....but if your laterals fail as far as I know you get to eat it .....and for you to let the place sit uninhabited does not seem like a winning position to me ........if you have a 300 ' be it...its gonna be expensive ...and permits to cut road and side walks too. 

    Im not sure what you are describing.


    Antiback up,valves are common....w or wo code...they help protect against some backflow issues . And require about 10 th grade skills to install. 

    Dont you just love old cast iron lines ....

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