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who to sue?

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  • Thu, Jun 18 2015 5:22 PM

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    who to sue?

    Hi, I trying to help my brother who was incarcerated in AZ, while in there, he was one choosen to go out of the yard and work, this would be under supervision of an employee that worked for the city. It was a windy, rainy day. The person in charged ordered my brother to get up on a 7ft ladder with a chain saw in one hand to cut off a branch that looked out of place. My brother said "you see the weather isn't calming down and going up the ladder wouldn't be a good idea. The in charge insisted, so there goes my brother, at the top, the wind got stronger. the results, my brother fell from that ladder with chain saw in his hand (which he swang away) as he was going down. He landed on his side which immed he felt pain and roll in pain, and now a punture lung, broken collar bone and almost lost an eye. He was flown to a hospital 157 miles away, when he arrived they took a look at him, for what seem like 5mins, gave him something for pain, then laid there for 2 days, with  no medical attention.He heard someone say, this guy is ready for transport back to a prison near by. my brother goes what are you saying I haven't been seen by no doctor, they told him we are just going by what they told them. Once at the prison near by, they got him off the stretcher, with a gown and walked him to a glass door and left, in so much PAIN, they were instructing him to go through the produre they go through when they first were taken there. Unable to do anything but stand there, the other inmates notice the wrongful of the CSO's they made noise,yelling,screaming,cussing on the behavior of the CSO's a riot nearly broke out, inmates vs Correctional Service Officers. during his last 45 days he didn't recieve any meds for pain, until the finally checked him that they took him back to the hosp, to have him check and they told him that they will have to break his bones to place them back in told them no.  ok my question is this malpratice. My brother was told to find a Federal Lawyer due to a 180 day window to notify the other that you are suing them. who will he sue? the city where he work (assuming that they are liable for them as they took them out to work) the hosp? Need help. Im willing to get more answers shall you ask.

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    Re: who to sue?

    You didn't name the facility so there's no way to tell whether he would sue the state, city or county. Depends on who owns and runs the facility.

    Read the following article about claims against public entities in AZ:

    What he needs right now is an attorney.

    Don't need any more information to make a point of that.

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    Re: who to sue?

    Your brother can sue to the incharge. The main person behind the incident that is incharge. It is construstion site work injury.

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    Two year old thread

    Any good reason why you resurrected such an old thread?  Do the lawyers at the firm you hold yourself out as representing know you are giving the firm a bad name by posting things that violate the rules of this site and why are poorly written?  Are they as incompetent as you?

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