2012 MVA case settled - hospital didn't submit to med ins. ?

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    2012 MVA case settled - hospital didn't submit to med ins. ?

    My husban'ds 2012 accident case was settled. Our medical insurance received an amount of money returned under their subrogation policy.  Apparently, the hospital did not file any claims to receive payment until recently and were of course denied.  Our attorney has agreed to help them attempt to recoup payment and needs a form signed by us giving them permission to work on our behalf with Aetna.  I inquired whether this involvement in any way concedes that we may have some responsibility for the bill (52K) or subrogation.  I received an answer that was confident that should not be a problem but it was not completely reassuring.  The attorney is done with the case so they aren't on the hook for anything, but it feels like we still may be under certain circumstances.  Can anyone allay my anxiety on this one? 

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