DUI in FL with TX Driver's license, Santa Rosa County

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    Re: DUI in FL with TX Driver's license, Santa Rosa County

    Just thought I would update this post with what actually happened on this case in case anyone were facing the same situation.

    I obtained a pretty good DUI lawyer out of Destin and he went to court for me, I did not have to appear. I had a 34 year old first DWI from when I was 18 in TX. Because I did not take the breath test and the case would have to be tried to prove that I was over the legal limit, in a plea bargain arrangement, the prosecuting attorney offered a $500 fine, 1 year probation and according to FL a 1 year suspension of my license. They threw out the 83 in a 35 speeding ticket because the speed change dropping to 35 was right by the parking lot I pulled into. Therefore, there is no way I could have still been going 83, they clocked me going South while on the bridge over Escambia bay and the speed limit drops to 35 on the other side of the bridge going into Gulf Breeze. I paid a fine for an open container, I think it was about $150. Because I violated Florida's Implied Consent law, my license was suspended in TX but the time period for that suspension was the TX minimum penalty of 90 Days and there was a $99 adminstrative fee to reinstate my license. As mentioned here, because the offense occured in FL, the Florida Court determined the penalties. As I understand it, TX does not impose additional penalties except for the license suspension and for the period of time that they determine. FL agreed to charge this as a 1st Offense in exchange for my acceptance of the plea bargain. Because the offense occured in FL, I have not heard anything about having to pay the $1000 a year surcharge for 3 years that TX imposes on a first offense for a DWI charge in TX. I'm wondering what may happen with that when my probation case is closed out on 11/22/2016. As of yet, the only action taken by TX was a 90 days suspension and they did not even wait for proof of taking the DUI class to reinstate my license. I feel that I was very lucky for the plea bargain arrangement and I never drink and drive period now. It doesn't matter how much I've had. If I have had anything at all I just don't get behind the wheel. Even as lucky as I feel I was in this case, it still has cost a substantial amount of money. Also, because FL charged it as a first offense, I only had to do the First Offender DUI class, not the repeat offender. 

    Lawyer $2500, Fine $500, Court Costs $540, Probation fees $665, Paid off 50 Hours Community Service for $500, a $55 CSW Fee for the community service. $95 for a first offender DUI School. $5 for a Victim Impact Panel, $140 for A 52 Week Alcohol/Substance Abuse Course, $280 for 10 day vehicle immobilization, My insurance has gone up although I did not drive or obtain SR-22 for the 3 month suspension, $600 for 12 Drug Tests. I am required to be in Substance Abuse counseling which my insurance is covering with a $10 copay per visit, if it didn't cover it, it would have been $95/week for 52 weeks, AA for 24 sessions. I attend AA anyway so that's not a problem but would be an inconvenience for someone who does not want to go. $50 for an assessment from a substance abuse counselor. $99 license reinstatement. So, even though I got lucky, I paid over $6550 over the last year for this and it has taken up at least 185 hours of my time fulfilling the requirements. I didn't calculate postage fees for reports, money order charges, increased insurance costs, etc. If I did not have insurance that would cover the counseling the assesor required, that would have been an additional $4940. Instead it was $520 for my copays and I'm actually sticking with the counseling. I'm not just doing it for probation but it has been very helpful. I'm actually sober now so, the DUI turned out to be a good thing but it has taken a lot of time and a lot of many even in a best case scenario. Don't drink and drive, you can take a lot of Taxis for this kind of money and not risk hurting other people or yourself. 

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