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3rd DUI in IL - COOK County

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  • Mon, Oct 5 2015 2:42 PM

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    3rd DUI in IL - COOK County

    Hello - Here is the deal.

    Got pulled over while under the influence. I declined the BAC (blow) test.

    But, did take and failed the Field Soberty test.  Got arrested. This is my 3rd DUI in IL.

    The county was COOK where I got pulled over.

    What am I looking at here? Will I have to server time? Lose license? etc.???

    Thank you!!!

  • Mon, Oct 5 2015 3:21 PM In reply to

    Re: 3rd DUI in IL - COOK County

    Having had 2 previous 2 DUIs, I would have hoped you’d have learned not to drink and drive again and put the rest of the public at risk. The law takes the failure to learn that seriously. The first thing to understand here is that a conviction on a 3rd DUI offense in Illinois is a felony criminal offense. You will almost certainly end up serving at least a little jail time, and it is possible you could end up doing time in state prison. The max time the court may impose is 7 years in prison. You will lose your license for some period of time. And you'll end up paying a whole lot of money as result of this. An Illinois attorney has pretty easy to understand discussion of this here: Illinois 3rd DUI penalties. One thing that the article does not mention but that will be important to you if you own a gun is that under federal law you lose the right to own or possess any firearm or firearm ammunition upon the conviction for any felony offense (including taking a plea agreement to a felony charge). Because you refused the breath test, you will have the administrative license suspension for that in addition to whatever license suspension comes from the criminal case. You really need a good DUI lawyer for this one. Expect to pay a lot in fees for the help, but it is your best chance to minimize the impact from this. 

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    Re: 3rd DUI in IL - COOK County

    OK, No lawyer here for you, just a person who's had a couple of dui's myself.

    My guess is they snipped your license into little pieces.  Too late but FST was not something I think you even had to take.

    Now, BAC test, sounds like, you knew you were guilty, so you declined it.  I would say good move, why prove yourselve any more guilty than you likely already did with FSTs?

    Now moving on.  You need a lawyer and but fast!  In my opinion.  

    Let me get this straight, you have been found guilty of 2 previous DUI's?  This is looking probably bad!  I am no lawyer so don't take my word for it, but that does not sound good to me.   I'd hire a lawyer instantly and shut your mouth about details on this encounter.  Even on this message board.  

    It sounds like noone was hurt which is good.  No clue on serving time.  Loss of license is probable.  But I have no idea obviously.

    Good luck!


  • Mon, Oct 5 2015 5:45 PM In reply to

    Re: 3rd DUI in IL - COOK County

    What am I looking at here? Will I have to server time? Lose license?


    This article discusses it pretty well:

    Please get treatment for your alcoholism before you kill someone.

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