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Unpaid and Withholding PayChecks

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  • Wed, Jan 13 2016 10:26 AM

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    Unpaid and Withholding PayChecks

    I recently quit my job as a delivery driver on January 2nd, 2016. I had issues getting my paycheck on time ever since I started with this company. Check was never paid on time. None of the old employees were paid on time. I had to live with my every paycheck and i requested my employer to give my paycheck every week or give me specific pay-date. My employer never got serious with this and always try to ignore my concern whenever I raised question about my paycheck. I was never happy working with this employer as I have to beg for my own hard earned money.

    My employer never gave me any compensation or reimbursement for the trips I made for the delivery. I was getting paid 7.50 per hour and sometimes I couldn't even make the minimum wage requirement i.e 8.25 in Maryland. It was off season and delivery was slow. So after requesting and telling about the lower tips i was making my employer finally agreed to pay me the state minimum wage. But I was still not getting any compensations. The employer was never giving any compensations or gas money for the trips that any driver makes in the past too.

    After frequent requests and asking my employer to give me specific pay-date, he agreed but didn't say what day of the week. I have to beg for my check. If I didn't beg he wouldn't even consider giving paycheck on time. Since my employer wasn't issuing checks on time, he used to give me approximate amount of the week pay on his business check. He runs the payroll late for every employee.

    I still was working for this company and hated working for him. Since I had to pay so many bills like car payment, rent, student loans, insurance, credit cards and utility bills I couldn't afford quitting job. While on duty working as a delivery driver my employer used to send me to buy grocery stuffs for the restaurant. I wasn't making any money or tips out of this as I work on tips. One day after my employer getting mad at me for getting the wrong grocery and using curse word at me being stupid, I couldn't take it anymore and I quit the job i.e on 01/02/16.

    On January 8, 2016 I went the restaurant requesting for my final paycheck. My employer said, "What Check?". I said, "My final paycheck". He said it hasn't come in yet. He said it would there by next Monday or Tuesday. I left the place and waited. On Jan 11, 2016, I realised that my employer had made a "Stop Payment" on the business check he gave me for the earlier week pay before quitting the job. I was expecting to use that money to pay my car payment. The check was returned and my bank charge me 12 dollars for the returned check. I went back to the restaurant on Jan 12, 2016 again asking for my paycheck. He was not serious about my paycheck and avoided me and didn't give me specific date. He said, "Someday maybe". I tried to be polite and made friendly conversation so as to get my paycheck. But that was useless.

    I haven't found other job yet and I'm nearing to miss the payments for my bills next week. I feel so helpless. I don't know what to do. I consulted with one of the representative from Department of Labor for suggestion. She said I have to wait for 2 weeks if the employer doesn't pay 2 weeks after the next day. I can't afford to wait even a week until I find next job. I can't even afford a lawyer to help me.

    I'm seeking suggestion or help.


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    Re: Unpaid and Withholding PayChecks

    Sorry, but nothing is going to happen fast or easy even if you are 100% correct ......

    READ the Md DOL sites....they advise you send clear written return receipt requested demand to employer for specific wages by specific date it!  Imsuggest many do not pick up  such mail, Id Add  regular mail with proof of mailing ..same contents same date ..keep,safe copies .  Written record of everything..not just oral help from Dept. 

    MD provides for TRIPLE damages plus attorney fees if you prevail ..take the time and effort to have high odds to prevail....

    MD also provides for criminal penalities for willful,failure to pay lay view is a stopped check is darn willful!

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