Adult Adoption

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    Adult Adoption

    My husband and I are filing Court Documents to formally/legally adopt our foster daughter. We have been her foster parents since she was 14, and she is now 20. We love her, and treat her like a daughter. She calls us Mom and Dad. She has a daughter and we are the baby's Nana and Papa. 


    I have researched extensively and believe we are capable doing this ourselves. I downloaded the legal forms to Petition the Court.


    Part of the petition is her signing in front of a notary that she is over 18, and, basically, wants to be adopted. 


    My question...since my husband and I are filing ourselves, without an attorney, should our signatures also be done in front of a notary. We would hate to have the petition denied/dismissed because our signatures weren't 'legal'. 


    We are in TX. 


    Thank you! 





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    Re: Adult Adoption

    It's not required, but no there's no harm if you want to have those signatures notarized. 

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