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Mini Bike Tickets

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    Mini Bike Tickets

    My husband built a "mini bike". He was near our house and fell off it. The police officers saw him walking it back to the parking lot he was parked in and stopped him. He was injured so they called paramedics, gave him sobriety test(which he passed). They said because they were unsure how to categorize the bike he would receive summons' in the mail. We asked them if it would be anything that could jeopardize his license and they assured us it wouldn't. Well today we got them. 5 in total. Reckless driving, unregistered vehicle, uninsured vehicle, failure to endorse license and no helmet. What are the chances he can get out of this without loss of license? 

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    Re: Mini Bike Tickets

    Well, your husband might be able to beat the reckless driving charge since the officers didn't actually observe the accident itself, if I understand your facts correctly. A lot would depend on what your husband told them about the accident, if anything. If the bike was required to be titled, registered, and insured and it wasn't then he may have a really hard time beating those citations. Same with the failure to use a helmet. How this all might affect his license I cannot say. I suggest your husband consult an attorney for help with this. Beyond the fines and possible license issues there is also the surcharge that will occur on your auto insurance if he gets convicted of all these offenses, especially the reckless driving.

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    Re: Mini Bike Tickets

    Here's some information from NJ:

    You're going to have to determine whether it's a moped or pocket bike (or something else).

    Either way, it appears that some or most of those violations are going to stick.

    A good lawyer might be able plead him out to maybe even a single minor violation. A lawyer will cost you some bucks but without one it's going to cost a lot more.

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