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Compulsory counter claim

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    Compulsory counter claim

    This was over a homeowners insurance claim in Florida.  Hired a contractor signing an assignment of benefits form.  They did about half the work but billed for all.  Insurance company paid me the check which I sent all but about 10% to figure out what was going on.  Keep in mind this was at a vacation rental where I live several states away.  I had a feeling they weren't doing everything contracted to do.  Anyways, a few months later I am sued for a contract and amount of money I had never seen before.  I hired attorney to fight it and file a counterclaim.  We hired an expert witness who agreed with me and I found out they didn't pull permits, have a plumbing license or used licensed electrician.  My attorney filed extension to file counter claim, and several months and thousands of dollars later no counterclaim filed.  The plaintiffs settled with my insurance company over a lot more money.  I was left holding the bag.  I had urged my attorney to file a counter suit but he never did.  After they dropped the suit, I fired my attorney and hired a new one.  We filed a new suit, and now it looks like it won't even be heard due to the compulsory counterclaim issue.  Filed a complain with the Florida Bar over the first Attorney and of course they sided with him.  Just looking for any insight or angles that may help me in this situation.  Thanks.

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    Re: Compulsory counter claim

    There are lawyers who specialize in suing other lawyers for malpractice. Talk to one.

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